Medical Center Rents 3 Mobile Kitchen Trailers During Kitchen Renovation

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The Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois is in the process of remodeling their kitchen. As a medical center, the kitchen is responsible for preparing and serving meals to medical patients, staff and guests. TouchPoint/Compass Group manages the facility and contacted Mobile Kitchens USA to arrange a mobile kitchen trailer rental.

They contracted with us to rent three mobile kitchen units for a 1-2 month period. This will enable them to continue with standard food preparation and service for the entire medical center without interruption while the main kitchen is being renovated. Here is what they rented:

Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer (Unit CTC-505)

The primary mobile kitchen trailer was one of our large 8’x46’7” semi trailer units. It was set up to run on propane equipment and equipped with a standard hood, fire system and exhaust system for safety. For cooking, the custom trailer kitchen featured two double-convection ovens, a six-burner range with oven underneath, a char broiler, a double-basket deep fryer, a flat grill, a kettle, a tilt skillet and a double-door steamer. Clearly, the medical center has a wide variety of meals and foods being cooked, so they need a number of different appliances.

This mobile kitchen trailer also included a work table, metro shelf, three-compartment sink, hand sink and a 50-gallon electric water heater.

Mobile Food Prep Semi Trailer (Unit CT-574)

In addition to the main kitchen trailer, the Alexian Brothers Medical Center also needed a full mobile food preparation unit. Most of the prep work is done in this 8’x46’7” semi trailer while the other trailer focuses on the cooking. This custom mobile food prep unit featured two work tables with a built-in prep sink, a four-well steam table, three additional work tables, a three-compartment sink and a separate hand sink.

Mobile Refrigeration/Freezer Semi Trailer (Unit CTS-575)

Lastly, the medical center also required a large mobile unit for cold storage. We customized an 8’x43’ semi trailer unit with split refrigeration and freezer space. The walk-in freezer measured 6’11”x19’6” and included metro shelving for enhanced storage and organization.

We are very excited to be working with these clients as they complete the renovation of their medical center’s kitchen. This is a common scenario for us at Mobile Kitchens USA. Many of our mobile kitchen trailer rentals come from people and businesses who are planning a kitchen remodel and still need a fully functioning commercial kitchen on site. These trailer units are the perfect solution because they can be customized to your needs and rented for whatever lease period you require. 

To learn more about mobile kitchen trailer rentals from Mobile Kitchens USA and to get started with your custom kitchen design, contact us today!

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