What to Look for in a Mobile Refrigeration Trailer

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Summer is heating up and things are starting to feel almost normal again with sporting events, concerts, parties and other big gatherings taking place. When hosting one of these special outdoor events in the summer heat, it’s important to have proper cold storage for food and beverage supplies. 

Small coolers don’t cut it for larger crowds. You need a bigger and better solution. You need a mobile refrigeration trailer or mobile freezer unit for your big event!

Mobile Cold Storage Solutions

Mobile Kitchens USA manufacturers mobile trailers, skid units and container units especially for cold storage. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. They can be completely mobile, allowing you to tow a trailer from town to town for roaming festivals and sporting events. Or, they can be set up in place for long-term use or short-term rentals. 

Customized Designs

Each mobile refrigeration trailer can be customized to your specifications and are perfectly climate-controlled units. If you need the whole thing to be a freezer unit for storage of ice and frozen goods, we have you covered. If you want it to be half refrigerator/half freezer to support a mobile kitchen or store a variety of cold items, just let us know. We offer many different styles and designs to suit your needs.

Other customizations available include shelving, cabinets, drawers and any other special features your mobile refrigeration trailer may require.

Don’t Settle for Less!

When shopping around for a mobile refrigeration unit, you want to look for certain things:

Quality—Sturdy construction, as well as dependable temperature settings and controls

Durability—If you are moving the trailer from location to location, you need it to stand up to the rigors of transportation.

Performance—It should keep your cold items stored at the desired temperatures, especially if containing perishable foods or beverages.

Customization—Design the unit to your liking, with the size, features and capabilities you require for your business or special event.

Flexibility—If renting the mobile refrigeration trailer, you want lease terms tailored to your specific needs and length of contract.

Service—Work with a mobile trailer company you can trust to listen to your needs and make sure everything goes smoothly with delivery, set up, service and pick up.

Mobile Refrigeration Trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA

Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer units for sale or rent. We’re here to help whether you need the trailer for a day or a lifetime. To learn more about our mobile refrigeration and freezer designs, contact us today and let us know how we can help make your special event even more special with our mobile kitchen, restroom and refrigeration solutions.


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