5 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Mobile Kitchen Trailer

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If you are planning to buy a mobile kitchen trailer or utilize a temporary kitchen unit for a long-term rental, you have many important decisions to make. You have to think about every detail and work with a company who can provide you with the customizations you require. Here are some helpful tips to consider when designing the ultimate mobile kitchen trailer for your business:

Prioritize Function Over Form

Sure, you might want a cool-looking trailer with slick graphics and top-of-the-line appliances. However, you have to be practical above all else. Think about the functionality and purpose of every feature inside and outside of the trailer. No matter how big of a trailer you select, space will be limited and some features just may not be necessary or practical. Understand the needs of your kitchen staff, what’s on your menu and the customers who are receiving your food services. This will help you design a more functional trailer. Extra touches may be added later if there’s budget and space, but don’t make extraneous details your top priority.

Select the Right Size

This is a problem we see often. A customer wants to keep the trailer as inexpensive as possible, so they automatically choose the smallest option. This may save money, but they may not be able to fit everything they need in the unit or working space may be too cramped. The opposite scenario also happens where someone wants to be a big shot by choosing one of the largest trailers available. It may end up being more space than they actually need, or the trailer may not fit where it is intended to be parked during use. The ideal size is generally determined by your daily foodservice quantities, the size of your kitchen staff and the specific appliances and features that the trailer needs to contain.

Select the Right Unit(s)

Mobile kitchen trailers come in different sizes, shapes and configurations. Some aren’t trailers at all. They may be container or skid units that offer a semi-permanent placement rather than the full mobility of a trailer. Some customers get more out of multiple smaller units and separate support trailers for specific needs like cold storage and food preparation. 

Make a List of Necessary Features

Before you even shop around for a mobile kitchen trailer or start talking to custom fabricators, you should sit down and make a thorough list of all the features you will require. What appliances do you need? What kind of work tables, sinks and shelves will be best? How much cold storage space do you want, and do you need separate units for refrigeration and freezing? Are you running your appliances on electric, natural gas or propane? Do you need a service window and walk-up ramp/stairs? This is a commercial kitchen and you want to make absolute sure that it is set up with exactly what you need to run your foodservice business.

Work with a Trusted Mobile Kitchen Fabricator 

It never hurts to shop around and talk with multiple mobile kitchen trailer companies. Understand what their levels of customization are, as some may be more willing to work with you on a custom-fabricated unit than others. Know their pricing and lease options if you are planning to rent. Work with someone you can trust to ensure the best results.

If you are looking to buy or rent a customized mobile kitchen trailer, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today. We work with customers all over the country and offer all the services you need to design the mobile kitchen unit that is ideal for your situation. Visit our website to learn more or call us for a custom quote.

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