Types of Mobile Service Trailers

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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we produce a lot more than just mobile kitchen trailers. We fabricate and customize trailers, skid units, container units and tents for a variety of different mobile services. From commercial kitchens to clean and sanitary restrooms, we’ve got everything you need. And if you don’t see what you want listed below, contact us to discuss custom fabrication options!

Here are the primary types of mobile service facilities rented and sold by Mobile Kitchens USA:

Mobile Kitchens

There are several different types of new and used mobile kitchen units we offer for rent or purchase. They are available in various sizes and custom configurations. Each mobile kitchen can be customized with all the features you require, including commercial kitchen appliances, work tables, shelving, cabinets, refrigeration space, etc. Let us know what you need and we’ll design the perfect kitchen for you.

  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Skid Kitchens
  • Tent Kitchens & Dining Areas

Mobile Food Prep Units

Sometimes, you need a specialized unit that’s designed specifically for food preparation. Commercial kitchens can get crowded and busy, so a separate mobile food prep unit can be customized with the work and storage spaces your staff needs to prepare food or stage meals for service. Let the cooks work in their mobile kitchen while giving the service and food prep staff plenty of useful space to be as efficient as possible.

Mobile Refrigeration Trailers

We have mobile trailers that are used purely for refrigeration. They can keep cold food, desserts, beverages and ingredients stored at specific temperatures for as long as you require. These climate-controlled units are ideal for large events or campuses where additional cold storage is needed on site.

Mobile Freezer Trailers

Just like our refrigeration trailers, our mobile freezer trailers can keep frozen foods, medical supplies and other items at freezing temperatures. These specialized freezer units are easy to transport to new locations or set in place for long-term use.

Mobile Dishwashing Units

Large events and full-scale commercial kitchens may require a separate unit just for washing dishes. Commercial dishwashers and sinks can be incorporated into standard mobile kitchen trailers. However, there are times where a separate unit is recommended for large commercial foodservice operations. A mobile dishwashing trailer can be equipped with dishwashing equipment, as well as sinks, disposals, drying racks and any other features you require to keep your dishes, silverware and glassware clean.

Mobile Restrooms

Mobile restroom trailers are a clean and sanitary alternative to smelly old port-a-potties. Mobile restrooms are great for temporary use during a building renovation or for special events like weddings, private parties and concerts. These units offer running water, soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, urinals, flushing toilets with private stalls, baby-changing stations, showers, changing rooms and anything else you can imagine. They can include ramps for handicap accessibility and offer a clean, climate-controlled restroom space for your guests.

Mobile Showers

In addition to mobile restroom trailers, Mobile Kitchens USA also manufacturers mobile shower trailers for special events, campuses and residences who want hot running water in clean, sanitary shower stalls. Whether you need one shower or several stalls with rooms separated by gender, we have you covered.

Custom Manufacturing

As we said earlier, we also do custom manufacturing at Mobile Kitchens USA. If you don’t see what you need on the list above, give us a call and let’s see what we can create for you. We’ve done mobile offices, mobile shelters, temporary medical sites, disaster relief and many other custom jobs. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen!

To learn more about our mobile kitchen trailers, mobile facilities and custom manufacturing options, contact Mobile Kitchen USA today!

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