Improve Sporting Event Concessions with a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

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Sports are back in full swing this summer. There are baseball, softball, golf, tennis, soccer, cycling and running events happening all over the country. Football training camps are starting back up for the fall. The best part is we have full crowds in attendance once again. It’s an exciting time of year for athletes and sports fans everywhere!

Concession Stands and Meal Services

With more fans and athletes, there is a need for concession stands and meal services for athletes, staff and volunteers. This is where a mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA is such an excellent solution. A mobile kitchen trailer offers better commercial kitchen space than a food truck, while still providing convenient mobility if your events are moving from one place to the next. Imagine having a fully appointed custom commercial kitchen for your foodservice staff. 

A Full Commercial Kitchen

These trailers have everything you need to store food and beverages, prep ingredients, cook any type of meals and even provide service (if you want to include a walk-up window). They can be customized with any features you specify. We’re talking about walk-in refrigerators/freezers, ovens, multi-burner stoves, skillets, grills/griddles, deep fryers, work tables, sinks, dishwashers, shelving and anything else you can imagine. Your mobile kitchen trailer can be set up to run on natural gas, propane or electricity. Air conditioning is also a smart option in the summer!

Custom-Designed Foodservice Solutions

Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile kitchens in a variety of sizes and configurations, including kitchen trailers, skid kitchens, modular multi-unit designs and tent kitchens. For larger events and foodservice requirements, you may also consider separate mobile units like our mobile refrigeration trailers, mobile dishwashers and mobile food prep units. Our mobile service trailers allow you to serve small groups or massive crowds. We’ll help you design a commercial concession stand for any event.

Mobile Kitchen Rentals and Sales

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we have mobile kitchen trailers and other mobile service units available for rent or purchase. We also have new and used options, depending on your budget. Our lease terms are flexible, so just let our team know what you are looking for and we’ll make it work. You can rent a mobile kitchen trailer for a day or two, or you could rent it out for months if you want a temporary concession stand for the summer and fall. We see this a lot at baseball and softball complexes where they only need concessions for part of the year. It’s easier and cheaper than constructing a full-time snack shack that sits unused for half the year.

If you are running a local sports league/club or setting up a special sporting event anywhere in the country, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today. We’ll help you figure out what kind of mobile kitchen trailer(s) you need and custom-design the ideal commercial kitchen for your event concessions or athlete meal services. 

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