The Benefits of Renting a Mobile Restroom Trailer

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There are many reasons why you might need to rent a mobile restroom trailer. Our high-quality mobile restroom trailers are used for special events, construction sites, building renovations, school and military campuses, temporary shelters, hospitals, disaster relief centers and more. They provide a more sanitary and comfortable alternative to smelly old port-a-potties.

Here are just a few of the best advantages of renting a mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA:


1. Clean, Safe and Sanitary


Being clean and sanitary is of paramount importance these days. Everyone is concerned about their health and safety. Port-a-potties provide a convenient place to do your business, but they provide absolutely no peace of mind for cleanliness—no matter how many hand sanitizer dispensers you attach to the booth. Mobile restroom trailers provide running water, soap, hand sanitizer dispensers, towels/hand dryers and all the features you want in a quality public restroom. These features can have hands-free operation, as well.


2. Comfort


A mobile restroom trailer is essentially a mobile public restroom that can offer all the privacy and comfort that you and your guests want. You’ll have private toilet stalls and urinals. Changing rooms, baby changing stations and even showers can be incorporated upon request.


3. Real Restroom Facilities


Did we mention the running water? This is a luxury you don’t think about until you don’t have it in a port-a-potty. Our mobile restroom trailers have toilets that flush and sinks (and showers) that offer hot and cold running water. It’s much more than just a dirty seat with a hole in it!


4. Custom Design


When renting a mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA, you can choose from one of our standard restroom trailer sizes and configurations. Or, you can customize it as needed. Let us know what you are looking for and our team will work with you to fabricate a unit that suits your requirements and fits within your budget. For very short-term rentals, you will probably want to stick with one of the standard designs. For longer rental periods (months), you can look into more custom options.


5. Flexible Rental Periods


Speaking of rental periods, Mobile Kitchens USA provides many different lease and rental options for our mobile kitchen trailers, mobile restroom trailers and other mobile facilities. You can rent one of our units for a few days or a few years, if that’s what you need for your event, renovation project or any other purpose. We also offer new and used mobile restroom trailers available for purchase if you need something more permanent or that you can take from location to location.


There are many more advantages to mobile restroom trailers, but these are a few of the biggest reasons why customers turn to Mobile Kitchens USA. You can rent a quality, custom mobile restroom trailer for as long as you need it. We can deliver it directly to your site and remove it/clean it when you are done with your lease. We make it as convenient and simple as possible. Meanwhile, you and your guests will be able to enjoy a clean, comfortable and sanitary restroom experience that is far superior than a standard port-a-potty.


To learn more about our mobile restroom trailers and rental/purchase options, contact Mobile Kitchen USA today!

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