Is it Time for a New Mobile Kitchen Trailer?

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The New Year is upon us, and it’s time to implement your business plan for 2022. These past couple of years have been tough for many restaurant owners. Those who have adapted to changing times have been able to be successful. Many restaurants have expanded mobile food service and delivery capabilities. Catering and concessions businesses have also found ways to be profitable with creative business models. 

Invest in a New Mobile Kitchen Trailer

If you have a mobile foodservice business, you should consider investing in a new mobile kitchen trailer as part of your 2022 business plan. There’s no better way to take your restaurant on the road to provide special catering services, mobile concession stands and pop-up events for your valued customers. The right mobile kitchen can give you so many unique advantages and take your mobile restaurant to new heights of success.

Mobile Kitchens USA specializes in custom-designed-and-fabricated mobile kitchen trailers for every type of foodservice business. We offer temporary kitchen solutions for rent or purchase, with both new and used units available to fit any budget. Our high-quality mobile kitchen trailers come in many different sizes and configurations, with commercial-grade appliances, requisite safety features and construction standards that will meet any health code or building code.

Customize Your Mobile Commercial Kitchen

Most importantly, our mobile kitchen trailers are fully customizable. You can buy a unit that has all the features and space you require for your mobile foodservice business. You let the Mobile Kitchens USA team know which appliances, workspaces, food prep areas and food storage capacity you need. We can design the perfect mobile kitchen solution for you, fabricate the trailer and customize the interior exactly as you want it. 

Everything you need to take your commercial kitchen on the road will be included. We’re talking hot and cold running water, as well as power control from any source you wish to provide (generator, outside electrical lines, natural gas or propane) at your mobile kitchen locations. Our mobile kitchen trailers can be outfitted with heating or air conditioning to keep your kitchen staff comfortable. They can have service windows or be self-contained for staff access only. Whatever you want and need in your mobile commercial kitchen, we’ll make it happen!

New vs. Used Mobile Kitchen Trailers

For the most customization and specialized designs, you will want to look at new mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA. These can be fabricated from the ground up and custom-designed for any usage needs. If you are looking to save some money, you can consider one of our used units. You may purchase one of these mobile kitchen trailers as-is or with minor modifications. Or, we can take the existing space and customize it as much as you need. It really is up to you. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll help you find the best mobile kitchen solution.

Mobile Kitchen USA also manufactures custom mobile restroom, dishwashing, food prep, refrigerator/freezer, showers, laundry and other mobile service units available for rental or purchase.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and to get started on designing the mobile kitchen trailer of your dreams, contact us today!

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