5 Advantages of a Mobile Restroom Trailer Rental

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There are many events and occasions where it makes sense to rent a mobile restroom trailer. You may be hosting a special festival, concert, outdoor wedding or sporting event where a better-quality public restroom solution is needed. Or, perhaps a private restroom/changing facility is required for VIPs like the wedding party or concert performers. Maybe you are doing a major renovation at your home, office or campus. A mobile restroom trailer rental is a great temporary option until the project is completed.

Whatever your reason(s) for thinking about renting a mobile restroom trailer, it helps to understand the unique benefits of a mobile restroom facility compared to another temporary solution (such as a standard port-a-potty). Here are 5 advantages of a mobile restroom trailer rental from Mobile Kitchens USA:


1. More Space


We offer mobile restroom trailers with different sizes and custom configurations to provide you and your guests the space they need. Mobile restroom trailers offer much more space and comfort than a small, cramped port-a-potty. There’s plenty of room to do your business!


2. Cleanliness


Let’s face it. Most port-a-potties are pretty disgusting after just a few uses. They only get worse as the day goes on and they aren’t easy to keep clean at large events. Mobile restroom trailers offer better public restroom facilities that are cleaner and more sanitary. They are easier to keep clean, as well, with toilets that flush and sinks, soaps and sanitizers that can help rinse away germs and viruses.


3. Comfort


There’s nothing too enjoyable about using a port-a-potty. A mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA provides a more comfortable and private space for its users. You can have urinals, flushing toilets, sinks/showers with hot and cold running water, and private stalls. It’s everything you need in a more comfortable and attractive space.


4. Customization


Mobile Kitchens USA can work with you to customize your mobile restroom trailer rental. Let us know the size and features you require and we’ll design a great unit for you. Toilets, urinals, sinks, showers, baby changing stations, changing rooms, soap/sanitizer/towel dispensers, heating/air conditioning, you name it—you can customize your restroom unit as much as you want!


5. Lease Options


We also offer flexible lease and rental options at Mobile Kitchens USA. Whether you need the unit for a day, a week, a month or a year, we will work with you to figure out the best rental period and terms. Our lease contracts are flexible and fairly priced. We understand you might be on a tight budget or timeline.

Get started by contacting Mobile Kitchens USA. Talk with our team about your rental needs and customization requests. Let us help you with your next mobile restroom trailer rental. Discover the difference we can make for you and your special event!

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