Do You Need a Mobile Dishwasher Trailer?

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There are times when a mobile kitchen trailer simply isn’t enough. You have large-scale food service needs with many dishes to prepare and meals to serve. This also means you have many dishes, utensils, silverware, drinkware and cooking equipment that need to be properly cleaned and sanitized. You don’t have the time for hand-washing everything, so your temporary kitchen setup requires a commercial dishwasher.

What is a Mobile Dishwashing Trailer?

This is exactly why Mobile Kitchens USA designs and fabricates custom dishwashing trailers and mobile units. These are mobile dishwashing facilities with commercial dishwashers and larger dishwashing sinks installed, so that your staff can efficiently wash and sanitize everything and keep your kitchen running as smoothly as possible.

The need for a mobile dishwashing trailer is common for larger events with bigger crowds, especially if the food and beverages are served in real dishes and drinkware. A wedding or a large catered party are good examples. Another common situation where a mobile dishwashing unit is useful is during a facility renovation or new building construction. Hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities and military bases often turn to Mobile Kitchens USA when they are renovating their commercial kitchens. They still need to prepare and serve a high quantity of meals every day, so they set up a temporary kitchen along with a temporary dishwashing unit.

Why You Need a Separate Dishwashing Unit

Why not include a commercial dishwasher in your mobile kitchen trailer? This is always an option and we’ve designed many units with the dishwashing equipment as part of the kitchen itself. However, good commercial dishwashers tend to take up a lot of precious space that you may need for food prep areas, cold or dry storage, or larger commercial appliances. This is often the case for large-scale foodservice operations. In addition, dishwashers can put out a lot of heat and steam that can be uncomfortable in a relatively limited space. 

Depending on your dishwashing quantities, we offer a number of different mobile dishwashing solutions. We have specialty trailers with self-contained commercial dishwashers, sinks and hot water supplies. We have skid and container units for a more semi-permanent modular layout with your primary commercial kitchen and perhaps other specialty service units (cold storage, food prep units, etc.). Having a separate unit can reduce foot traffic in your main kitchen and give your kitchen staff all the room and equipment they need to keep things running efficiently.

Mobile Dishwashing Trailers at Mobile Kitchens USA there is no limit to what you can do with Mobile Kitchens USA as your temporary kitchen provider. We’ll work with you to custom-design a mobile kitchen trailer and any specialty units you require. We’ll help you find the size, configurations and equipment to best suit your menu, your foodservice quantities and your budget.

To learn more about mobile dishwashing trailers and other custom mobile kitchen and service units from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today!

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