Why Settle for a Basic Mobile Kitchen?

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You may be looking for a mobile kitchen solution for your mobile food service business or to rent for a special occasion. You have many different options to consider. There are various types of mobile kitchen units available. Some are rather basic and simple. That may be all you need. Or, you may be looking for much, much more.

Custom Mobile Kitchen Solutions

That’s where Mobile Kitchens USA comes in. Sure, we can handle your most basic mobile kitchen needs. However, our specialty is custom mobile kitchen design and fabrication. We offer mobile kitchen solutions in many different sizes and configurations. Each one can be customized to meet your specific food service needs. 

Type of Mobile Kitchen Unit

First, you select the type of mobile kitchen unit. We fabricate mobile kitchen trailers, mobile kitchen skid units, modular container units and even tent kitchens. Each of these units offers unique advantages that may be desirable for your business. For example, a mobile kitchen trailer is great for mobile food service, catering and special events because it can easily be transported from location to location. A skid unit is better for longer usage, such as when a temporary kitchen is needed at a school campus or hospital during a major kitchen renovation.

Mobile Kitchen Size and Configuration

Second, you will work with our team to specify the size of unit that you require. This is usually determined by the number of meals you are serving on a daily basis. You have to account for cold and dry storage requirements, as well as ample room for your appliances, food prep areas and sinks. All of these features need to fit efficiently in the kitchen space while leaving ample room for your staff to work effectively.

Full Mobile Kitchen Customization

Third, you can customize the space exactly as you need it. Some mobile kitchen trailer renters may want a pre-fabricated unit with minor customizations. We have great pre-designed options readily available for rent or purchase. Others may prefer to customize more. Those buying a mobile kitchen unit from Mobiles Kitchens USA will definitely want to consult with our staff to cover every important detail. 

There’s no sense in buying a mobile kitchen trailer if it doesn’t meet all of your most important foodservice needs. This includes installing the necessary commercial appliances, climate-controlled refrigerator/freezer space, work tables, sinks, dry storage cabinets and shelves and other features. There may be a need for air conditioning or heating inside. A water tank may need to be set up outside. Maybe you require a service ramp and window for customer ordering/pick-up. Lastly, you let us know what kind of power hookups you’ll require: outside electrical lines, generator, natural gas lines and/or propane.

Your Mobile Kitchen Experts

The point is you shouldn’t settle for a basic mobile kitchen if you want and need something more advanced. Let Mobile Kitchens USA be our guide. We’ll work within your budget and help you find the best mobile kitchen solutions for rental or purchase. Contact us today to get started!

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