5 Benefits of a Mobile Refrigeration Trailer

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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we manufacture specialized trailer units just for mobile refrigeration and freezing. These units can be customized to meet your needs and are available for rent or purchase. 

So, what are the advantages of having a mobile refrigeration trailer or mobile freezer trailer? Why would you need a separate unit in addition to (or in place of) your primary mobile kitchen trailer? Here are the uses and benefits you should know:

1. Additional Cold Storage Space

Though our mobile kitchen trailers are designed to maximize space and incorporate all the features our clients need, there are times when additional storage space is needed for cold items. Beverages, fruits, vegetables, meats and other ingredients may need to be stored in large quantities. A mobile refrigeration trailer makes perfect sense as a secondary unit for cold storage. Or, maybe the refrigeration trailer is all you need to keep beverages or desserts for a special event. In recent times, we’ve had mobile refrigeration units rented specifically for vaccine storage, transport and distribution.

2. Accurate Temperature Controls

Some items need to be stored at very specific temperatures. You may want some things kept frozen and others simply refrigerated or lightly cooled. A mobile refrigeration trailer can be configured to provide precise temperature control in different sections of the unit. One area may be for frozen goods while another is used for chilled beverages. It’s all easy to control and maintain at desired temperatures.

3. Customization

Just like our mobile kitchen trailers, our mobile refrigeration trailers can be specially configured and customized to meet your unique cold storage and transportation needs. Talk with the Mobile Kitchens USA team to learn more about how you can customize your unit for the ideal functionality.

4. Convenience

Whether you are using the mobile refrigeration trailer for a special event service or using it for longer-term cold storage at your restaurant or campus, it’s very convenient to have a temperature-controlled refrigerator/freezer unit on site. It can be a mobile trailer that you can easily move from one location to the next. Or, we can set you up with a skid unit or container unit to set in place for extended use. If you just need it as a short-term rental, we can deliver the trailer to your site and come pick it up when your lease period is complete.

5. Rent or Purchase

As mentioned above, Mobile Kitchens USA offers custom-fabricated mobile kitchen trailers and mobile freezer trailers available for rent or purchase. You can rent one for as long as you need it (days, weeks or months), or you can purchase a unit if you need it for your business or facility. We offer flexible lease options and fair pricing for all mobile trailer rentals and purchases.

To learn more about our high-quality mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer trailers, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today.

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