Mobile Restroom Trailer Rentals for Spring and Summer Events

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If you are hosting a big special event this spring or summer, Mobile Kitchens USA has you covered with mobile facility trailers of all sizes, configurations and purposes. You can rent a custom mobile kitchen trailer for food service. Another popular rental this time of year is a mobile restroom trailer.

Mobile Restroom Trailer Uses

Mobile restroom trailers are the ideal solution for special events during the spring and summer seasons. They can be used at festivals, outdoor concerts, street fairs, county fairs, sporting events, weddings, garden parties and more. They are easy to deliver directly to a desired location and can be set up quickly for your guests to use. 

Why settle for a nasty little port-a-potty that won’t offer a very sanitary place for people to do their business? A mobile restroom trailer is a fully functional bathroom facility with running water in the sinks, flushing toilets and other great features that your guests will appreciate. 

Custom Configuration

Mobile restroom trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA can be configured to meet your event needs. You can have separate restrooms for men and women or shared single-unit rooms with handicap accessibility. These restrooms can be equipped with all the appliances and features you require. Here’s a list of some things you may want to include:

  • Private Toilet Stalls
  • Urinals
  • Sinks
  • Soap/Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Towel Dispensers
  • Hand Air Dryers
  • Showers
  • Private Changing Rooms/Stalls
  • Baby Changing Stations
  • Handicap Accessible Ramps & Railing
  • And More!

Whatever you need, the Mobile Kitchens USA team will work with you to set up the ideal mobile restroom trailer for your special event. Imagine a beautiful outdoor wedding with a convenient and clean mobile restroom unit on site. Your bridal party can use it as a changing room and prep area and/or your guests will have a comfortable place to use the facilities.

Or maybe you are coordinating an outdoor music festival. A row of basic port-a-potties might be fine for the concertgoers. However, you want something nicer for your performers and staff. A mobile restroom trailer can be converted into the perfect temporary “green room” for bands and artists. It can have a changing area, private shower stall(s) and other features for them to get ready before the show and clean up afterward.

Imagine the Possibilities

There are so many possibilities with a mobile restroom trailer rental from Mobile Kitchens USA. It truly is an excellent solution for spring and summer events. We offer flexible rental plans. You can rent a unit for a few days or for a few weeks. If you have a traveling carnival or event management business, you can rent one for as long as you need. The trailers are fully mobile, so they can easily be transported and set up at each location you visit. For long-term use, you may even want to consider purchasing a fully custom mobile restroom trailer that can be designed to your exact specifications.

To learn more about mobile restroom trailer rentals from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today. Let us know how we can help make your big spring or summer event as great as possible!

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