Are You Prepared for Emergency Disaster Relief?

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Unfortunately, natural disasters happen. Every corner of our great country is susceptible to different types of weather phenomena and acts of God. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, blizzards and other disasters can strike with little-to-no warning, leaving many people without homes or basic human necessities like food, water and shelter. 

Mobile Disaster Relief Facilities

Many communities and disaster relief organizations will turn to Mobile Kitchens USA in these times of need. Our mobile service trailers are very adaptable for a wide range of uses and can be customized for emergency disaster relief. They can provide warm meals for displaced victims, as well as support for frontline volunteers and emergency service providers. 

Our trailers can be rented and delivered directly to the affected site for immediate use. As our name implies, we are best known for our custom mobile kitchen trailers. These can come in a variety of sizes and configurations, with all the appliances and commercial kitchen features needed to provide fresh-cooked meals and storage of valuable cold and dry goods. 

Standard Mobile Units

In addition to our mobile kitchen units, we also offer many different types of mobile service trailers that can be adapted for numerous purposes. Some of our standard facilities include:

  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  • Tent Kitchens
  • Tented Dining Areas & Shelters
  • Mobile Refrigeration Trailers
  • Mobile Freezer Trailers
  • Mobile Restroom Trailers
  • Mobile Showers
  • Mobile Dishwashing Trailers
  • Mobile Laundry Trailers

Additional Uses

Our trailers have also been adapted for additional uses. They can be converted into office spaces for disaster relief management, mobile hospital rooms and cold vaccine storage, mobile pet shelters and vet facilities, and of course, mobile shelters for displaced people. Whatever you can imagine, we can get you the unit you need to help provide necessary services to those affected by disasters. 

Here to Help

The Mobile Kitchens USA team is always on call and ready to spring into action whenever disaster strikes. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to get the unit(s) ready to deliver to your area as quickly as possible. We understand how critical it is to get basic services for your community, so you can count on us to get the job done right.

We hope we never have to get a call from anyone in need of disaster relief facilities. Unfortunately, it can happen anywhere and at any time. If you run a disaster relief organization or are developing a disaster relief plan for your state, county, city or neighborhood, make temporary mobile services a priority. You can work with our team ahead of anything that may happen, so we are able to act fast if and when the time comes. Hopefully, it doesn’t, but you can never be too safe with natural disaster planning.

If you have questions or want to talk about your disaster relief plan, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today. Let us know how we can help you get through a difficult time with any of our custom mobile units.

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