Custom Mobile Concession Trailer Solutions

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If you own a mobile concession business or a traveling event management company with concession services, you need a quality unit that suits all your foodservice needs. Mobile Kitchens USA is here to help with the best custom mobile concession trailer solutions. Whether you want to rent or buy, we know what it takes to create the ideal concession stand.

Rent or Buy

Sometimes, you just need a mobile kitchen trailer or concession service unit for a one-time event. In this case, it makes sense to rent a mobile concession trailer that can be tailored for your service objectives. We have many great options to choose from and we can deliver the unit straight to your location anywhere in the country. 

If your mobile concession or event management business requires a mobile kitchen for extended use, you will likely want to purchase a custom mobile concession trailer. Our designers and fabricators will work with you to develop the ideal unit that meets all your needs. You can select the size and type of trailer you want. Then, it can be customized with the required appliances, cold storage space, dry storage space, sinks and any other convenient features you can imagine. Our trailers can also be equipped with service windows for an easy concession stand set up wherever your business takes you.

Whether you need a single unit or a whole fleet of mobile concession stand trailers, Mobile Kitchens USA has you covered with custom solutions, exceptional customer service and dedicated support.

Why Go Mobile?

If your plan is to set up a concession stand in one place and it will never move, then you may want to consider a skid kitchen or container unit that can be customized for a long-term stationary location. This is common at parks and recreational sports facilities. Otherwise, you may need something to take on the road with you. This is where a mobile kitchen trailer offers such a unique advantage. Our trailers are easy to pack up and transport to from one location to the next. Then, they are easy to set up and utilize for quick and convenient food service. Your kitchen staff will have everything they need in the customized trailer and your customers can walk right up to the window and order their meals. 

Many Mobile Solutions

Mobile Kitchens USA offers many different types of mobile kitchen trailers, mobile concession stands and mobile service units for rent or purchase. Options include mobile refrigerator/freezer trailers, mobile restroom trailers, mobile dishwashing units, mobile showers, mobile laundry facilities and more. We work with everyone from catering businesses to emergency service providers to provide custom mobile service solutions for a wide variety of purposes.

To learn more about mobile concession trailers and other customizable units available for rent or purchase from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today. Let our team know what you are looking for and let us handle the rest!

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