7 Reasons to Rent a Mobile Kitchen Trailer this Summer

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The summer season is just around the corner and life is pretty much back to normal after a crazy couple of years. More and more outdoor events are happening all over the country. If you are planning an event or wanting to take your food service business on the road, now is the time to reserve your mobile kitchen trailer rental from Mobile Kitchens USA. You can work with our team to select the ideal trailer size and configuration, and then customize it with the commercial appliances and other features you need.

Here are a few reasons why you might want a mobile kitchen trailer rental this summer:

1. Outdoor Wedding

Whether you are planning a wedding or you are providing catering for the event, it’s nice to have a quality mobile kitchen trailer on site. You can cook fresh meals for the reception and have ample storage space for beverages and other supplies. You may also want to consider renting a mobile restroom trailer for your guests and/or wedding party.

2. Outdoor Concert

We’re fresh off the big Coachella weekends here in Southern California, but there are plenty of great outdoor concerts and music/arts festivals planned all throughout America this summer. A mobile kitchen trailer rental can allow you to provide fresh concessions to concertgoers or can be used to prepare fresh-cooked meals for your artists backstage. Mobile showers and restrooms are also great to have available for the performers.

3. Street Fairs and Carnivals

It’s exciting to see traditional street fairs, flea markets, carnivals and other outdoor gatherings happening again this year. If you want a great place to set up a mobile restaurant for a special event like this, you should highly consider a mobile kitchen trailer. You’ll have everything you need to cook and serve your great meals to everyone in attendance. Mobile Kitchens USA also offers more affordable and portable tent kitchen designs, as well as tented dining areas for guests to sit and enjoy your wonderful food. 

4. Sporting Events

There are going to be a lot of great sporting events happening this summer. Golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, youth soccer leagues, softball leagues and so many more. It’s nice to have an excellent full-kitchen concession stand that can be set up on site. Our mobile kitchen trailers can be transported anywhere and are easy to utilize. They can be rented for the whole season or just for special events. 

5. Catering Services

Many restaurants pick up extra catering business this time of year. However, you may not need a mobile kitchen facility all the time. You just want to rent one for the season or for a one-time use to accommodate your largest event. Mobile Kitchens USA has you covered with a variety of mobile kitchen trailers and custom units to provide the best catering services around. Don’t blame us if your catering business gets so popular that you end up wanting to design and purchase a mobile unit for full-time use!

6. Kitchen Renovation

Many homeowners, business owners, senior care facilities and hospitals opt to renovate their primary kitchens during the summer season because the weather is good. A mobile kitchen trailer is an excellent temporary kitchen solution to provide necessary food services while the main kitchen is being remodeled. A number of schools will choose to do kitchen renovations during the summer while school is out of session. However, there still may be a need for meal prep to accommodate summer school faculty, students and special programs.

7. Outdoor Parties and Other Special Events

Whether you are hosting a big outdoor party, business conference or other special event, you can count on the team at Mobile Kitchens USA to set you up with the perfect mobile kitchen trailer. We can customize it to meet your needs and deliver it to you. Once your lease term is up, we can come pick up the unit. We aim to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Contact Mobile Kitchens USA to learn more about our mobile kitchen trailers and other mobile service facilities. Customize and reserve your summer rental today!

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