4 Benefits of a Tent Kitchen

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Tent kitchens and temporary tented dining areas are very popular in the summer season. We have clients who purchase tent units to set up for seasonal service and special events. And, we get short-term rental requests from customers looking to rent a tented space for weddings, outdoor parties, music festivals, street fairs and more. Many restaurants opt to set up tent kitchens and dining spaces for added outdoor service options during the summer months.

So, what are the best benefits of a tent kitchen or tented dining area? Here are 4 you ought to know:

1. Portability

As our name would imply, we specialize in mobile kitchen solutions at Mobile Kitchens USA. Tent kitchens are very easy to transport to any location. The fabric is heavy duty and the supports are strong, but everything is light and can pack up small. It doesn’t take much space in a vehicle to pack along a full tent kitchen and dining area, then set it up wherever you need to go.

2. Easy Set Up

One great benefit of tent kitchens is that they are very easy to set up and break down when you are done. There is a small learning curve to figure out the proper steps. Once you know what you are doing, they are a breeze to pop up whenever needed. Yet, they are durable enough to leave up for extended periods of time if you are setting one out for longer service use. If you are hosting or catering a special event and are renting from Mobile Kitchens USA, we will be happy to deliver the tent unit to you and assist with set up and breakdown before and after your event.

3. Weather Protection

The main reason why anyone would use a mobile tent kitchen or tented dining space is that they provide excellent protection from the elements. The fabric is durable and waterproof to keep away rain. The coverings provide great shade from the summer sunshine. The windows can let in plenty of natural light while keeping out the bugs if you have a fully enclosed structure. Tent kitchens can also be equipped with fans or portable air conditioning/heating units to provide climate control for your kitchen staff and dining guests.

4. Customization

The tent kitchen structure provides you plenty of ways on how you want to customize the inside layout. Windows and walls can be included where needed and then you can lay out your appliances, furniture and other supplies within the space as desired. You can rent a larger unit that provides ample space for everything you need. Or, you can get a smaller tent that has just enough space for your temporary kitchen or dining room arrangement. For rentals, Mobile Kitchens USA can offer leases on commercial kitchen appliances, tables, chairs, generators and whatever kitchen supplies you require. We’ll be glad to offer design advice if you want help maximizing your tent space.


For more information about tent kitchens and tented dining rooms available for rent or purchase, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today. Let us know if you have any questions or are interested in any other temporary kitchen or mobile service facility solutions. 

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