5 Ways to Use a Mobile Refrigeration Trailer

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Mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA can be
customized to meet all your cold storage needs. Whether you are renting a unit for a special
event or need to purchase a long-term mobile refrigeration solution for your business, campus
or facility, you can find exactly what you need.

Mobile refrigeration trailers can provide precise and dependable temperature and humidity
control to store everything from beverages and food supplies to blood and vaccines. They can
be open units or compartmentalized to give you multiple temperature storage and control
options. Whatever you need, Mobile Kitchens USA can customize the ideal solution.

So, what are the most common uses for a mobile refrigeration trailer or mobile freezer unit?

Here are a few to consider:

1. Rental for Special Events
Outdoor concerts, street fairs, carnivals, weddings, parties and other special events often need
extra cold storage for ice, beverages, desserts and food supplies for meal preparation. A mobile
refrigeration trailer is an ideal solution for these large cold storage and service needs. It can be
transported easily to your site and set up for easy access for staff and guests. You can rent a
trailer for as long as you need.

2. Catering Businesses
Catering services and mobile foodservice/concessions businesses may benefit greatly from
having a full-time mobile refrigeration or freezer trailer available. It can store food supplies, ice
and beverage at the desired temperatures. It can be relocated as needed to provide your cold
items wherever you are doing business. We can design and build a custom mobile refrigeration
unit to meet your specific needs.

3. Temporary Cold Storage
Some schools, hospitals, senior care facilities, blood banks, military bases and businesses need
temporary cold storage. Perhaps the building or main kitchen/freezer is being renovated, or
you have something special going on that requires extra refrigeration space. A mobile
refrigerator or freezer trailer can be customized and rented for as long as you want.

4. Medical Supplies
Mobile refrigerator and freezer trailers are being utilized more and more for storage of
vaccines, blood, medical equipment and other supplies that require very specific temperatures.
They can be used for extra storage at hospitals and medical care facilities, or delivered directly
to virus testing and emergency care sites.

5. Disaster Relief
Speaking of emergency services, mobile refrigeration trailers and freezer units are extremely
useful at disaster relief sites. When natural disasters strike, communities come together. Cold

storage is almost always a major necessity. You need space to store food, water, beverages, ice,
medical supplies and other items that can be used at temporary shelters and emergency service
locations in your community.

To learn more about our custom mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer trailers
available for rent or purchase, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today. Let us know what you are
looking for and our team will help you find the ideal temporary service solutions or permanent
units for long-term use. We also offer mobile kitchen trailers, mobile restrooms and other
mobile facilities.

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