8 Customizations You Can Make to Your Mobile Kitchen Trailer

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Whether you are buying or renting a mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA, you can work with our team to design the ideal temporary kitchen facility. From full-scale commercial kitchen layouts to simple catering set-ups, we can customize your trailer with the appliances, storage spaces and other features that you require.

So, what are some of the best customizations that we can provide for your mobile kitchen trailer? Here are a few good ideas to consider:

1. Commercial Appliances
Whatever types of appliances you need, Mobile Kitchens USA has you covered. Ovens, grills, multi-burner stoves, deep fryers, refrigerators, walk-in freezers, griddles, mixers—you name it and we can fabricate a unit that provides your kitchen staff with everything they need.

2. Work Tables & Storage Areas
You may need food prep areas and various places to store cold or dry goods. Mobile Kitchens USA can customize your mobile kitchen trailer with work tables, cabinets, shelves, refrigerator/freezer space, drawers, utensil hooks and all the storage areas you want.

3. Sinks & Dishwashers
We can install a commercial-grade dishwasher in your mobile kitchen trailer. We even offer stand-alone mobile dishwashing trailers for really large events and temporary kitchen facilities. We can include hand sinks for your kitchen staff, as well as food prep and dishwashing sinks complete with hot and cold running water, garbage disposals, soap dispensers and any other features you would like.

4. Power Supply
Our mobile kitchen trailers can be configured to be powered by outside electrical lines, generators, natural gas lines and/or propane. Let us know what you need to run your kitchen and appliances, and we’ll set up the ideal mobile trailer.

5. Heating & Air Conditioning
If you are using your mobile kitchen trailer in the summer or winter when the weather outside is a factor, Mobile Kitchens USA can install heating and/or air conditioning units to keep your kitchen staff comfortable.

6. Service Ramps, Stairs & Windows
If your mobile kitchen is providing direct foodservice to customers, you may want it to have a walk-up window for convenient order-taking and pick-up service. Depending on the location and size of the unit, you may also need a service deck with accessible stairs or ramp to accommodate all your guests.

7. Safety Features
All of our mobile kitchen trailers are designed and fabricated to meet all safety standards. You can also request non-slip flooring, fire suppression hoods, built-in fire alarms and control systems, and other safety features.

8. Exterior Water Tanks
If you are planning to use a lot of water in your mobile kitchen trailer, you may want to ask about an exterior water tank or hot water heater. These can provide larger quantities of water to your trailer, especially if outside water connections aren’t available at your site.

Imagine the possibilities with a mobile kitchen trailer rental or purchase at Mobile Kitchens USA. If you can dream it up, our team will help you create the ultimate temporary kitchen or mobile kitchen facility for your business, campus or special event. Contact us today to learn more about our custom kitchen services and temporary kitchen solutions.

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