The Mobile Kitchen Trailer Design Process

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If you are buying or renting a custom mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA, you can
customize the unit with the appliances and features you need. You are always welcome to
choose from one of our standard designs and make minor adjustments, or our team can work
with you to design and fabricate a unit based on your exact specifications.

Why Customize My Mobile Kitchen Trailer?
Full customization is common for customers purchasing a mobile kitchen trailer or planning a
long-term rental. In these cases, you may have very specific requirements for the size of the
trailer and how you want the kitchen laid out. You may want certain commercial appliances
installed, and other features like service windows/ramps, heating/air conditioning, power
supply and safety equipment can all be discussed with your Mobile Kitchens USA

So, how does the custom design and fabrication process work?

Getting Started
First, you will let us know your needs. Are you planning to buy a mobile kitchen trailer for long-
term use or are you renting one for a specified period of time? How big of a mobile kitchen
trailer do you need? We offer different sizes, configurations and temporary kitchen types (such
as skid units, modular units, tent kitchens and fully mobile trailers). The size and type of kitchen
unit is usually the first place to start. This may be based on your foodservice requirements,
menu, size of kitchen staff, set-up location(s) and other factors.

Customized Temp Kitchen Solutions
Next, you will provide us with a list of your desired appliances and other special features. Our
team can help you put together a list of must-haves and possibly some alternative options if
there is extra space to work with. It is very common for a client to request more equipment
than can actually fit in their trailer. This is why we go through the design process to plan out the
ideal kitchen to suit your needs. Some elements may need to be scaled down, or a different
size/type of trailer may be recommended to fit everything you require.

Mobile Kitchens USA can provide the necessary kitchen equipment and install them in your
mobile kitchen trailer. Examples might include stoves, ovens, deep fryers, griddles,
refrigerators, freezers, mixers and dishwashers. Then, you have to consider work and storage
spaces. We can customize your unit with work tables, designated food prep areas, hot, cold and
dry storage spaces, shelves, drawers, sinks and more. Other custom features can include
heating and air conditioning, service windows, external water tanks and anything else you
might like to have.

Another issue to plan for is power supply. Are you using an outside electrical line, generator,
natural gas line and/or propane tanks? This will help determine the type of equipment to install
and how the overall functionality of the trailer should be set up.

If you need a mobile kitchen trailer for any purpose and want a customizable solution for your
business or special event, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today. Let us know how we can help you
create the perfect temporary kitchen.

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