Planning Your Fall Event? Secure Your Mobile Kitchen Rental

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Summer will be over before you know it. That means the fall and winter seasons are just around the corner. For many event planners, fall represents the last opportunity of the year to host an outdoor event like a company picnic, wedding, garden party, concert festival, street fair or other special events.

You can never start planning your event too soon. If you are looking to rent a mobile kitchen trailer, tent kitchen, tented dining room, mobile restroom trailer, mobile refrigeration trailer or another type of temporary facility from Mobile Kitchens USA, now is the time to get the details worked out. Lock in your reservation and have plenty of time to customize your unit to meet your event service requirements. Here are a few key things to consider:

Type of Unit
What type of mobile unit are you looking to rent? Are you providing foodservice or do you need a clean and sanitary restroom trailer for your event guests and/or specific VIPs. Figure out the type of unit(s) you would like to rent and this is a good place to start.

Size of Unit
Next, the size of your unit will be determined by what features you need inside, as well as the size of your event. How many meals are you preparing in your mobile kitchen trailer? How many guests are at your event? Understanding your service needs will help you choose the ideal size and configuration of your rental unit.

Lease Period
How long are you planning to rent the mobile kitchen trailer or other temporary service facility? Do you need it for one day, several days, weeks or months? Mobile Kitchens USA has you covered with flexible lease options, so you can rent your mobile kitchen trailer for exactly as long as you need. We can deliver the unit directly to your site and come pick it up when your rental period is complete.

Customized Features
Our mobile kitchen trailers can be customized to meet your need. You will work with our team to determine which appliances, cold and dry storage areas, work tables, sinks and other features that you want to have in your unit. You may want to consider a heater inside if you are in a colder weather area. You can also let us know what power source(s) you intend to use (electrical line, natural gas line, mobile generator or propane). This way, we can make sure the trailer and the appliances are set up to run properly.

The fall season is coming up faster than you think and there is a lot of planning that needs to be done to run a successful outdoor event. Whether it’s a big celebration or an intimate gathering, you can rent a mobile kitchen trailer, mobile restroom trailer or any other temporary service units you need from Mobile Kitchens USA. Contact our team today to get started. Lock in your reservation now and take the first steps toward getting the customized service trailer(s) for your autumn event!

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