Do You Need a Mobile Food Prep Kitchen?

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Depending on the size of your special event or mobile foodservice business, you may be fine with a fully self-contained mobile kitchen trailer. You can select the unit size you need and customize it with the appliances and work spaces your kitchen staff will need.

There are some cases where one mobile kitchen trailer simply isn’t enough—or a full commercial kitchen isn’t necessarily required. This is when you may consider renting or purchasing specialized support trailers from Mobile Kitchen USA. We offer tent kitchens, mobile dining areas, mobile refrigeration and freezer units, mobile dishwashing trailers and more. A very popular option is a mobile food prep kitchen.

What is a Mobile Food Prep Kitchen?

A mobile food prep trailer, skid unit or tent is designed to offer designated food storage and work space for your kitchen staff. They are generally used in addition to mobile kitchen trailers and other specialty units for larger foodservice needs. These units can be utilized for storing food and supplies and preparing ingredients to be used in the main kitchen trailer. Previously prepared desserts and beverages can be stored, plated and served directly from the mobile food prep kitchen.

Some smaller foodservice situations may not require a full kitchen or any cooking appliances. You may simply need some cold and/or dry storage spaces and work tables to prepare your food. A mobile food prep kitchen trailer could be exactly what you need for this scenario. I can be customized with only the features that you want, with plenty of space for working and storage.

How Can a Mobile Food Prep Kitchen Be Customized?

Just like our mobile kitchen trailers and all our mobile service facilities, our mobile food prep kitchen trailers can be customized to meet your needs. You can choose the type of mobile unit and size. Then, you can let our team know the features you require. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Work Tables
  • Counter Space
  • Cutting Boards
  • Warming Tables or Heat Lamps
  • Cold Storage (Refrigeration and/or Freezing)
  • Ice Cooler
  • Shelves, Cabinets & Drawers for Dry Storage
  • Food Prep Sink
  • Dishwashing Sink & Garbage Disposal
  • Employee Hand Sink
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Dishwasher
  • Drying Racks

Your Mobile Trailer Partner

There are many options with a mobile food prep kitchen trailer. Whether you want one of these units by itself or as part of a series of mobile kitchen and service facilities, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today. We can help you find the right mobile solutions and customize each unit to your liking. We have mobile food prep kitchens available for rent or purchase. Just let us know what you are looking for and our team is here to help!

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