Planning Your Renovation? Rent a Mobile Kitchen Trailer!

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Many clients turn to Mobile Kitchens USA when planning a major kitchen renovation. Whether it’s your home, office, school, hospital, senior care facility, restaurant or any other space with an active kitchen, it can be quite a disruption to be without a kitchen. Some renovations may take weeks and some will take months.

Don’t Be Without a Kitchen

Some places need to have a kitchen available for daily foodservice. It is simply not an option to operate without a commercial kitchen for a significant amount of time. However, you are renovating for a reason. You may be making upgrades and/or redesigning the layout for better flow. This is why it makes a lot of sense to rent a mobile kitchen trailer during your renovation.

Renting a mobile kitchen trailer, tent kitchen, skid kitchen or multiple-unit modular kitchen can be a real lifesaver. It allows you to take the necessary time to get your kitchen renovations completed properly. Meanwhile, you are still able to store, cook and serve fresh meals to your staff, students, patients, customers or residents. You can have everything you need for cooking right there and ready to use at any time. 

Custom Mobile Kitchen Trailers

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we regularly work with businesses, schools and even regular homeowners who want to rent a custom mobile kitchen during a major renovation. You can select the type and size of mobile kitchen trailer you want. Then, it can be customized with the features you require. These can include commercial-grade appliances, sinks, work tables, shelving, cold storage, dishwashers and anything else you need. Our kitchen trailers can be configured to utilize natural gas lines, electricity, portable generators and/or propane. They can even have hot/cold running water and heating or air conditioning for a comfortable kitchen space during any season.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer Delivery

A mobile kitchen trailer allows you to enjoy uninterrupted foodservice for as long as your kitchen renovation takes. The unit can be delivered directly to your site. These trailers and skid units are easy to set up in a driveway, parking lot or designated space for easy access. Our staff will assist with getting the unit up and running. We can also provide hands-on training so you know how to utilize all the kitchen’s best features. When your rental period is over, we can come pick it up and you can move right back into your newly renovated kitchen space!

Mobile Kitchen Rentals

Mobile Kitchens USA offers flexible rental lease periods and plans. Whether you need to rent a custom mobile kitchen trailer for a few weeks or for several months, we’ll tailor the lease plan to meet your specific needs. Many of our units are rented out for just a day or two for special events, so we can help you with any rental period—long or short. We also understand that renovations and construction project don’t always go exactly as planned. If you need to extend your lease or if you are done sooner than expected, we will gladly work with you to keep the kitchen in your possession for exactly as long as you need it.

Other Mobile Service Facilities

In addition to mobile kitchens, we also offer mobile restroom trailers, mobile showers, mobile refrigerator/freezer units, mobile dishwashers, mobile laundry trailers, mobile offices and just about any other type of mobile facility you can imagine. Just let us know what you need and how long you need it!

For more information about custom mobile kitchen trailer rentals, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today!

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