Mobile Kitchen Rentals—Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we get many questions from clients about how our mobile kitchen rentals work. People are curious about the available mobile kitchen trailer and temporary kitchen unit options. They also want to know about leases, prices and customization. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about mobile kitchen rentals. These should provide a good overview of the process, and you can always let us know if you have additional questions. Here are the mobile kitchen trailer rental FAQs:

What Types of Mobile Kitchens Can I Rent?

There are many different types of mobile kitchen units that are available to rent from Mobile Kitchens USA. You can select a model that fits your needs, location(s) and mobility requirements. What you want to rent may depend on your usage. For example, a skid unit may make more sense if you are planning to keep it in one place. A trailer or tent kitchen would be more convenient if you are setting up at multiple locations. Mobile kitchen options include:

  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  • Tent Kitchens
  • Skid Kitchen Units
  • Modular Kitchen Units
  • Food Preparation Trailers
  • Mobile Refrigerator/Freezer Trailers 
  • Mobile Dishwashing Trailers

What Size Kitchen Can I Rent?

Again, this is up to you. We offer a wide variety of sizes and design configurations to suit your mobile or temporary foodservice needs. It is generally best to select a size that best suits your kitchen staff and will fit the appliances and features you require. Be careful not to go too big or too small. Choose a unit that fits your budget and meets your specifications.

Can I Customize My Mobile Kitchen Rental?

Yes. We do have some prefabricated options and used units if you want something simple and ready to go. Most of our mobile kitchens, however, are fully customized. You let us know which appliances, work spaces and other features you want, and we will configure your mobile kitchen to make it as effective as possible. Keep in mind customization will add some prep time, so plan your mobile kitchen rental as soon as possible to ensure the unit is ready in time for delivery.

Do I Have to Pick the Mobile Kitchen Up from You?

No, we can deliver your mobile kitchen rental to anywhere you are located in the continental United States. We’ll bring it to your location and then can come pick it up when your lease period is complete.

How Long Can I Rent a Mobile Kitchen Trailer?

Mobile Kitchens USA offers flexible rental plans for all temporary kitchen units. Many are utilized for one-day special events or just a few days. Then, we also have clients who rent out mobile kitchens for months while completing major kitchen renovations at homes, schools, hospitals, senior care facilities and military bases. You tell us how long you need the mobile kitchen rental and we’ll make it happen!

Do You Offer Other Mobile Service Facilities?

Yes, we have mobile restroom trailers, mobile dishwashing trailers, mobile food prep units, tented dining rooms, mobile refrigeration and freezer trailers, mobile showers and mobile laundry rooms. We can also fabricate other custom mobile facilities like offices, medical care units and temporary shelters upon request. 

How Much Does a Mobile Kitchen Rental Cost?

This will depend on a number of factors unique to your mobile kitchen rental. These include mobile kitchen type, size, customization and lease period. Contact Mobile Kitchens USA to get a free quote based on your specific temporary kitchen needs. 

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