How Mobile Kitchen Trailers Have Changed the Catering Business

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As a business owner, you have to adapt to changing times. There are some things that will never change in the mobile foodservice and catering industries. Good food and great service will always be key to success. What are the steps you can take to improve both the freshness of your meals, as well as the qualify of your customer service?

Mobile kitchen trailers have revolutionized catering services for many foodservice business owners. Whether you want to take your restaurant on the road or you exclusively offer catering and mobile foodservice as your primary business, a custom mobile kitchen trailer can forever change the way you approach everything!

Here are some advantages of having a mobile kitchen trailer for your catering service:

Fresher Food

A fully customized mobile kitchen trailer will give you the necessary cold and dry storage spaces for fresh ingredients. Plus, you will have the commercial appliances to prep and cook your dishes right there on site. You can travel to any location and set up your mobile kitchen trailer. You will have everything you need in your mobile unit, making it easy to travel from job to job. Your food can be made with higher quality and freshness compared to pre-cooking everything elsewhere and trying to keep it warm, or cooking at your catering location with inferior equipment like hot plates and Sterno lamps.

More Resources for Your Kitchen Staff

Again, everything you need can be contained within your mobile commercial kitchen. You can have ample refrigerator and freezer space. You can have work tables, sinks, dishwashers and supply storage, in addition to the specific commercial appliances you need for preparing and cooking your best dishes. 

Health & Safety Compliance

Most cities require catered meals to be prepared in a certified commercial kitchen. That means you have to cook your food elsewhere and then deliver to your catering location. Or, you have to find a way to cook there without violating health and safety standards. Mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are designed to meet all health codes and sanitary requirements of a commercial kitchen. As long as you keep it clean and stay up to code, you won’t have to worry about any violations or problems.

Beat the Competition

We all know catering is a very competitive business. You want to do everything you can to stand apart from your competition and provide the best experience possible for your customers. A custom mobile kitchen trailer can give you a big leg up on your local competition. It makes you look more professional and allows you to improve your mobile foodservice capabilities. 

Mobile Kitchen Customization

All mobile kitchen trailers at Mobile Kitchens USA can be fully customized to the wants and needs of our clients. You choose the trailer type and size. You let us know which appliances and specific features you require. We’ll design and fabricate the ideal mobile kitchen for your catering business.

An Investment in Your Future

Yes, buying a custom mobile kitchen is a major investment. However, it is truly an investment in the future of your catering business. It can allow you to improve and expand your services, while generating a loyal customer base and referral network. It can help your catering service become the talk of the town. Over time, it can pay for itself with increased business opportunities.

To learn more about custom mobile kitchen trailers for your catering business, contact Mobile Kitchen USA today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote or answer any questions you have about our temporary kitchen solutions.

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