Mobile Kitchen Trailers for Emergency Response

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Natural disasters happen every single year, all across America. From California wildfires and Midwest tornadoes to Florida hurricanes and Northeast blizzards, a disaster can strike just about anywhere and leave a lot of devastation in its wake. Communities have to rebuild and people have to continue living their lives.

Mobilized Disaster Relief Solutions

Throughout the years, mobile kitchen trailers and other mobile service units from Mobile Kitchens USA have played a large role in emergency response efforts throughout our great country. These trailers can provide much-needed services to displaced residents, first responders and volunteers. 

Our mobile trailers can be customized and rented during disaster support and recovery periods. They can be delivered and set-up anywhere in the continental United States. They are ready to use quickly and can be utilized for as long as necessary while communities address immediate needs and start to rebuild. These trailers offer quality facilities with exceptional sanitary standards that meet all specified health codes.

Types of Mobile Service Units

Mobile kitchen and service trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA can be customized and adapted for many different emergency response purposes:

  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  • Mobile Food Prep Units
  • Mobile Food Storage Trailers
  • Mobile Refrigeration Trailers
  • Mobile Freezer Trailers
  • Mobile Restroom Trailers
  • Mobile Shower Trailers
  • Mobile Dishwasher Trailers
  • Mobile Laundry Trailers
  • Skid Kitchen Units
  • Tented Kitchens & Dining Areas
  • Mobile Administration Offices
  • Mobile Medical Facilities
  • Mobile/Temporary Shelters 
  • And More!

How Can We Help?

New units can be designed and fabricated upon demand. This may be an option if you want to purchase custom mobile trailers to readily available on demand for your community or emergency response organization. Or, we can update and customize existing units for rent, so they can be delivered to your site as quickly as possible for immediate use at a temporary shelter area, evacuation location or emergency service crew camp. The Mobile Kitchens USA team works closely with government response agencies like FEMA, utility providers and community relief organizations. 

Mobile kitchen trailers allow for fresh-cooked meals and large-scale food prep to properly feed everyone who needs to eat. Trailers can run on different power sources, such as generators, electrical lines, natural gas lines or propane. Heating and air conditioning units can be included, as well. Mobile restroom and shower trailers offer a clean and comfortable place for displaced residents. 

Natural disasters can affect almost anyone, anywhere, at any time. We wish they would never happen at all, but we are here to help in case they do. To learn more about mobile kitchen trailers and other temporary service solutions for disaster relief and emergency response, contact Mobile Kitchens USA. Be prepared with a plan and let our team know how we can be of assistance when you need us most.

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