4 Reasons to Start a Mobile Foodservice Business

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Perhaps you have already been looking at buying a custom mobile kitchen trailer for your catering, concessions or mobile foodservice business. Maybe you are a restaurant owner looking to expand your services and geographic reach. Whatever the reason, maybe it is time to invest in a mobile kitchen trailer and start a successful mobile foodservice business.

Here are some of the best reasons to start a new mobile foodservice business:


1. Mobile Food Popularity


It’s no secret that the food truck industry is booming. Gone are the days of the little “roach coaches.” Gourmet chefs and major restaurants are taking their food on the road, and customers can’t get enough of the mobile foodservice craze. They follow mobile restaurants on social media. They have loyal followings and avid supporters who will go out of their way to visit the most popular vendors. You can take your great food creations to the people with exceptional mobility to travel from one location to the next. Mobile food trailers allow you to create a very profitable mobile foodservice business with very little overhead.


2. Affordability


You can get a custom mobile kitchen trailer designed and fabricated to meet your specific foodservice and mobility needs. It will be much more affordable to get a mobile kitchen unit compared to buying or leasing brick-and-mortar restaurant space. Real estate is expensive. Investing in a mobile food trailer is surprisingly affordable. The trailer can pay for itself as you take your restaurant on the road and develop a strong customer base wherever you set up. 


3. Catering & Mobile Restaurant Expansion


You might already be a successful restaurant owner or have your own catering business with a good following. A new mobile kitchen trailer may be just what you need to expand your services. Restaurant owners approach us at Mobile Kitchens USA all the time looking for ways to break into the mobile foodservice industry. They have great meals that customers love. They want to evolve and expand with mobile units and high-end catering services. Having a mobile kitchen trailer as a caterer is a huge advantage. No more hot plates and Sterno cans! Store all your ingredients and cook your meals fresh on-site for the best possible service conditions. Your customers and their guest will love what you can do with a full commercial kitchen that you can take anywhere you need to go.


4. Longevity of the Food Industry


There will always be a need for foodservice. People want to eat out at restaurants. They want tasty food cooked by someone else. They want gourmet meals from great chefs. Between restaurants and mobile foodservice providers, there are strong business opportunities. If you have the means, motivation and marketing, you can be very successful with a mobile food business.

If you are interested in starting a new mobile foodservice business or expanding your existing restaurant with more mobility, contact the team at Mobile Kitchens USA. Let us show you all the mobile food trailers and temporary kitchen solutions available to you. We can work within your budget and create a custom mobile kitchen unit to suit your specific needs. 

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