6 Common Uses for a Mobile Restroom Trailer Rental

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There are numerous reasons why you might want to rent a mobile restroom trailer. A professionally built mobile restroom trailer offers a clean and comfortable alternative to basic port-a-potties. Your guests, staff and any users will appreciate having a more sanitary place to do their business, with flushing toilets, running water and other bathroom amenities we all prefer to have available. Best of all, mobile restroom trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA can be fully customized to meet your specific restroom needs.

Here are 6 of the most common uses for a mobile restroom trailer rental:


1. Special Events


We see mobile restroom trailers being customized and rented out by a wide variety of customers who need the unit(s) for a special event. We’re talking about outdoor weddings and parties. It could be a company picnic or corporate retreat at a location where public restrooms are less available. There are many examples of personal and corporate events where a mobile restroom trailer is an excellent solution.


2. Festivals & Concerts


You may be putting on a larger event that requires multiple mobile restroom trailers. Examples include street fairs, carnivals and concert festivals. There could be many attendees, and a mobile restroom trailer can offer a higher quality guest experience. Or, the trailer(s) could be used exclusively for staff, VIPs and performers.


3. Sporting Events


Another very common use for a mobile restroom trailer rental is large sporting events like professional golf tournaments, training camps, youth sports gatherings and more. A mobile restroom trailer could provide a great space for players or fans. They can also be used as additional facilities when crowds are beyond normal capacity at larger events.


4. Construction Sites


Mobile restroom trailers are often rented or purchased by construction companies. They are set up on site for workers and management to utilize during a major construction project. They can be moved from site to site, and quickly set up for immediate use.

5. Renovation Projects

Speaking of construction, there are times when a property owner will decide to renovate their primary bathroom facilities. This can happen at a school, military base, hospital, restaurant or any type of building. Some homeowners or house flippers will even rent a mobile restroom trailer and/or a mobile kitchen trailer when renovating their properties. It offers a clean place to go to the bathroom, take showers and take care of other daily activities while the normal bathroom(s) are being remodeled.


6. Disaster Relief


Lastly, mobile restroom trailers (and all temporary facilities manufactured by Mobile Kitchens USA) are an excellent solution for disaster relief and community aid projects. A fully stocked and customized trailer can be brought to any site. It can provide relief and a sense of comfort during a difficult time for displaced families and individuals. Volunteers, first responders and staff will also appreciate having these units available.

To learn more about custom mobile restroom trailer rentals from Mobile Kitchens USA for any type of event or specialized usage, contact us today!

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