The 10 Best Mobile Service Trailers

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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we design and manufacture high-quality mobile service trailers for a wide variety of uses. These trailers can be fully customized to meet the needs of our clients. They can include specialized features and appliances based on their requests and requirements. There are many different types of mobile service trailers, skid units, container units, modular designs and tents available for rent or purchase.

Here are the 10 best mobile service trailers to consider for your next event, business or construction project:


1. Mobile Kitchen Trailer


As our name would suggest, custom mobile kitchen trailers are our specialty. We fabricate mobile kitchens for food service businesses and temporary kitchens for a number of different uses. Each one can be customized with specific appliances and design features. In addition to mobile kitchen trailers, we also manufacture modular kitchens, skid kitchens and tent kitchens (plus tented dining areas). 


2. Mobile Restroom Trailer


One of our other most popular products is the mobile restroom trailer. These are a cleaner and more comfortable option compared to regular old port-a-potties. They can be utilized for events or long-term use at construction sites, businesses and campuses. They include real flushing toilets, sinks, private stalls and any other features you wish to include.


3. Mobile Refrigeration Trailer


Sometimes, a big event may call for more than a mobile kitchen trailer. You may need multiple units, or just a specialized mobile refrigeration trailer to store beverages, desserts or other supplies that need to be kept cold. 


4. Mobile Freezer Trailer


In addition to mobile refrigeration trailers, we also provide mobile freezer trailers for rent or purchase. We can even fabricate a hybrid refrigeration/freezer unit upon request. These provide climate-controlled cold storage for ice, ice cream, meats and various frozen items in a convenient mobile trailer.


5. Mobile Dishwashing Trailer


Another great specialty unit is the mobile dishwashing trailer. Again, a singular mobile kitchen may not be enough for large-scale service. This is often the case at school campuses, military bases, hospitals, senior care centers and bigger events. Having a separate trailer just for dishwashing can be an excellent solution to complement your kitchen unit. They can be equipped with high-grade commercial dishwashers, sinks, drying racks, storage spaces and other custom features.


6. Mobile Food Prep Trailer


More space is always nice for your kitchen staff. Sometimes, you may require a separate mobile food prep trailer with work tables, cutting boards, cold/dry storage areas, sinks, mixers and other items. A mobile food preparation trailer can be customized as the perfect complement to your temporary kitchen.


7. Mobile Shower Trailer


Our mobile restroom trailers can include shower stalls with hot and cold running water. There are some instances where a mobile shower trailer may be needed for VIP guests, employees and performers. There can be a singular shower stall or multiple stalls and additional features fro comfort and cleanliness.


8. Mobile Laundry Trailer


Mobile laundry trailers are basically laundromats you can take anywhere. They are great to rent when a building’s laundry facility is being renovated. They are also commonly used at natural disaster relief sites and temporary shelters where laundry services are needed. 


9. Mobile Office Trailer


At Mobile Kitchens USA, we provide many custom mobile service trailer solutions per our clients’ requests. This can include mobile office trailers that you will find at schools, construction sites and other places where a temporary or semi-permanent option is beneficial for management and employees.


10. Custom Mobile Trailer


If you have another mobile trailer idea in mind that is not on this list, let us know. Contact Mobile Kitchens USA and tell us what you are looking for, so our team can help you design and fabricate the ideal solution. 

To learn more about our services and to get started with your mobile service trailer rental or purchase, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today!

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