4 Benefits of a Mobile Refrigeration Trailer

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There are some situations where you don’t need to buy or rent a full mobile kitchen trailer. You only require the cold storage features. There are other cases where you do need a mobile kitchen trailer, but also extra cold storage space. This can happen when renting units for large events or if you have a big catering business and there just isn’t enough room in your mobile kitchen for a bigger refrigerator or freezer.

Whatever the reason, a separate mobile refrigeration trailer or mobile freezer trailer may be the right solution for you. You can rent or purchase a fully customized refrigeration trailer or freezer trailer from Mobile Kitchen USA. Here are 4 of the best benefits you can enjoy with one of these custom mobile cold storage units:

  1. Custom-Designed to Your Requirements

Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer trailers in a variety of sizes and configurations. Then, the interior layout and features can be custom-built to your specifications. You can store drinks, desserts and ice for easy transportation and service at your events. Or, you can store fresh ingredients to use in your mobile kitchen trailer. We design and fabricate mobile refrigeration trailers, mobile freezer trailers and hybrid units to meet your needs.

  1. More Cold Storage Space

Mobile kitchen trailers are great, but space can be limited. If you have larger cold storage needs and don’t want to take up too much space in your mobile kitchen unit, you should consider a separate mobile refrigeration trailer or mobile freezer trailer. Both units can easily be transported and set up at any location, and you will have all the cold storage space you need.

  1. Separate Cold Storage Space

The word “separate” is very important for many of our customers looking for mobile refrigeration trailers. This is a separate, specialized unit. Let your kitchen staff have all the space they need in the primary mobile kitchen. Then, keep certain cold storage items in a separate mobile trailer to access when needed. This may help with meal serving and general kitchen workflow. You may not even need a mobile kitchen trailer. There are some events and businesses that only want a smaller mobile refrigeration or freezer trailer they can move to various service locations. They are especially useful in emergency relief situations to store and serve water, drinks, ice—or to keep cold food items fresh.

  1. Excellent Mobility

All mobile facilities designed by Mobile Kitchens USA are created to have exceptional mobility. However, some customers want to keep their mobile kitchen trailers a little smaller for easier travel and set up. It makes sense to get a separate mobile refrigeration unit that will help improve the transportation process. Rather than one big trailer, you can have multiple smaller trailers easily moving from one location to the next. This is a great idea for concessions businesses and traveling shows. 

These are just some of the benefits of custom mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA. To learn more about these and other mobile units for sale and rent, please contact us today.

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