Improving Construction Workers’ Health and Productivity with Mobile Kitchens

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In the construction industry, it’s common to see workers either staying in hotels or commuting early in the morning. Their mornings usually consist of grabbing a quick but unhealthy breakfast before starting work. For lunch, they either rely on food trucks or visit fast-food restaurants with their colleagues. This lifestyle may seem typical, but it can lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Research has shown that having healthier eating habits can result in happier and more productive workers. Unfortunately, most workers in the construction industry lack access to fresh and healthy food, making it difficult to maintain a healthy diet.

However, many construction companies are partnering with Mobile Kitchens USA to bring a mobile kitchen unit on site. These units are equipped with amenities found in a typical kitchen such as a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, countertops, and shelves/cabinets for storage. By having access to a mobile kitchen unit, workers can prepare fresher meals and promote healthier eating habits.

Some companies even hire staff to cook and serve meals to their workers. However, having a kitchen on site is beneficial on its own as workers can store food and cooking supplies, prepare meals together, and build camaraderie around the construction site. Additionally, they can prepare their own fresh breakfasts, lunches, and snacks without having to leave the site to search for unhealthy fast food.

Whether it’s a large construction project or a small one with only a handful of workers, Mobile Kitchens USA can provide the appropriate mobile kitchen trailer, skid kitchen, tented dining area, or mobile restroom trailer to keep workers happy and healthy. These units can be easily moved around the property to accommodate different construction phases, making them even more advantageous.

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