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About Mobile Kitchens

Mobile kitchens may go by several names such as modular kitchens, mobile kitchen trailers and temporary kitchens. Whatever you choose to call them, they serve a simple and vital purpose to provide a fully equipped kitchen facility that can be transported to one location to the next.

How Does Mobile Kitchens Work?

At Mobile Kitchens USA, our mobile kitchens are completely customized to the needs of our clients. They come in all different shapes, sizes and configurations to meet your specific mobile kitchen needs, from fully mobile trailer units to modular skid kitchens and container units that can be delivered and set up on site for longer usage periods. Each one is equipped with the specific appliances, refrigeration/freezer space, storage space, shelving, work tables, safety elements, heating/air conditioning and any other features that are needed. How the mobile kitchen is powered is also up to the customer. They can be set up to run on electricity, natural gas or propane. (Please note that the client is responsible for any gas or electric power sources.)

What Are Uses for a Mobile Kitchen?

A custom mobile kitchen can be purchased for a mobile catering business, traveling food service or long-term use as a permanent kitchen facility. Many mobile kitchen trailers are rented for a specific lease period to use for special events like concerts, sporting events, weddings and street fairs. Others will take advantage of mobile kitchen rentals to use as a temporary kitchen facility while the main kitchen is being renovated. We deal with a lot of schools, hospitals, military bases, senior living facilities and even homeowners who want to continue normal food service while the renovation is being completed.

How Much Will a Mobile Kitchen Cost?

Mobile kitchen rental prices will be determined by the length of the lease period and the configuration of the mobile kitchen itself. The size of the unit and all modular components will be factored into the rental price. For purchase, Mobile Kitchens USA offers new and used mobile kitchen units that you can buy and customize as needed.

These mobile facilities aren’t limited to just kitchens. Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile restrooms, mobile dishwashers, mobile refrigerator/freezer units, mobile laundry and other mobile facilities that can be rented for your special event or for longer-term use.

What Are the Advantages of a Mobile Kitchen?

There are many advantages to having a mobile kitchen:

  • Mobile kitchen rentals allow you to keep it for only as long as you need
  • Pre-fabricated kitchen units save time and money
  • Each unit is pre-constructed to meet health and safety codes
  • Each unit is climate controlled
  • Food service can be provided directly on site without interruption
  • Fully customizable mobile kitchen units to meet your specific food service needs
  • Clean, comfortable and spacious work areas for kitchen staff
  • Mobile Kitchens USA handles delivery, set up and removal of mobile kitchen units

If you need a temporary kitchen for food service or a long-term mobile kitchen solution, Mobile Kitchens USA is your mobile kitchen resource. Let us show you how easy and effective it is to have one of our mobile food service units on site. The possibilities are truly endless, so contact us today for more information on mobile kitchen rentals and purchases.