Dishwashing Trailers

Dishwashing Trailers

There are times when one mobile kitchen trailer just isn’t enough to handle all of your food preparation needs. Whether it’s a large special event where you are serving a ton of dishes every day or your normal commercial kitchen is undergoing a renovation, you may want to have a separate trailer just for washing dishes.

Why Get a Mobile Dishwashing Trailer?

A busy mobile kitchen or temporary kitchen unit can get hectic with people preparing, cooking and serving food. Sometimes, it makes sense to have multiple units that serve specific purposes to handle the largest of foodservice needs. This is when a mobile dishwashing trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA may be the optimal solution. Let your kitchen staff do their thing while the bus and dishwashing staff can efficiently clean dishes with a commercial dishwashing unit that’s just as portable as your main mobile kitchen trailer.

Custom Mobile Dishwashing Trailers

Just like our modular kitchen units, dishwashing trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. They can then be customized to your specifications. This includes the type and size of commercial dishwasher that you need installed, as well as any multi-compartment dishwashing sinks, hand sinks, work tables, shelves, glass racks and any other equipment that you need to clean and sterilize your dishes during peak service hours.

The combinations are limitless, so you can set up your mobile kitchen trailers or temporary kitchen units however you see fit. The goal is to give your kitchen and service staff a safe, clean, comfortable and effective place to work and get their jobs done efficiently. Having a mobile dishwashing trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA is a great idea if you have large mobile foodservice demands.

Mobile Dishwashing Trailer Rentals

Mobile Kitchens USA dishwashing trailers are available for rent or for purchase. If you need a mobile dishwashing unit that you can take wherever your catering or other commercial foodservice business travels, you will want to consider buying a custom trailer that meets your requirements. Otherwise, many clients will opt to rent a mobile dishwashing trailer for as long as they need it. The lease period can be for a day or two, or you can rent it out for as long as you need it. Some commercial kitchen renovations take months or years to complete, so a temporary dishwashing unit is an ideal solution.

Mobile Kitchens USA for All Your Dishwashing Trailer Needs

To learn more about mobile dishwashing trailers and temporary dishwashing units available to rent or buy from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today or visit our website. Let us know what kind of mobile foodservice needs you have and our team will set you up with the best custom modular trailer options!

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