Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get An Estimate?

Getting an estimate for your project has never been easier.  Simply call us at 800-905-8608 and we’ll put you in touch with an experienced sales expert who will help find the best solution for you at the best price available.  It’s that simple!

Do You Provide Single Kitchen Units?

Absolutely!  We have one of the largest inventories of temporary kitchen trailers in the United States.  Over half of our business serves customers who need two units or less.  Call us at 800-905-8608 for a quick and easy estimate including delivery.  We can also provide installation and maintenance services as well.

What Size Kitchens Can You Provide?

We provide complete mobile kitchen trailers from 16′ to 53′ in length.  We also provide modular units and complexes that can operate as standalone kitchens or we can connect as many as necessary together to create large scale food service operations.  Don’t forget, we can handle delivery and installation and even use some or all of your own kitchen equipment!

What Else Do You Provide In Addition To Kitchens?

Great question!  We provide everything you need to run a complete foodservice operation.  From cold and dry storage to high volume dishwashing units, food prep, and high capacity dining facilities.  We also provide all of the necessary support to connect to your existing electrical, water, gas, and sewer utilities or we can help provide temporary services as well.  Everything you need to successfully operate a small outdoor kitchen or a large scale foodservice commissary is right at your fingertips when you work with us here at Mobile Kitchens USA.

What Equipment Comes With Each Kitchen

All of our kitchen units are completely customized.  Most cooking units begin as a certified kitchen shell with stainless exhaust hood, fire suppression, electrical hookups, and gas & water plumbing.  You simply decide which cooking equipment you need, we fit you with just the right size trailer or modular and install the equipment you need.  It’s that simple.  We do have pre-configured units for high volume oven, grill, dishwashing, and temperature controlled storage.  We’ve been building temporary kitchen units for over 30 years and have amassed an impressive inventory of mobile units and food service equipment to meet every client’s needs.