Freezer Trailers

Freezer Trailers

There are times when you need a mobile refrigeration trailer, and then there are times when you need a mobile freezer trailer. There is a difference. A mobile freezer unit will provide constantly freezing temperatures for frozen food storage.

What is a Mobile Freezer Trailer?

Mobile freezer trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are the ideal solution for special events and also for long-term use. You may need to store ice or ice sculptures for a wedding or private party. You may need to keep food ingredients frozen until they are ready to be cooked and served. You may be in the midst of a long commercial kitchen renovation and you need cold storage. There are many reasons why it could be convenient and effective to have a mobile unit that’s solely dedicated for frozen food storage.

Mobile Freezer Options to Suit Your Needs

Mobile Kitchens USA can set you up with a customized mobile freezer trailer to meet your specific mobile freezing needs. We offer units in numerous sizes, styles and configurations depending on the quantities you need to store. These mobile trailers are easy to transport from one location to another. That makes them great for a catering business or traveling events. The food will stay frozen while the trailers are on the road between destinations and then will be there on site for cold storage as you need them.

Mobile Freezer Trailers for Sale

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we have mobile freezer trailers available for purchase both new and used. Just contact us to learn more about your options and how they can be customized to satisfy your frozen food storage requirements.

Mobile Freezer Trailer Rentals

Though we have many clients who buy mobile freezer trailers, most opt to rent them from Mobile Kitchens USA. This is often the best solution unless you need the trailer for permanent use. Renting a mobile freezer trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA is extremely easy. You let us know exactly what you need and when you need it. We’ll deliver the trailer wherever you want us to and then come pick it up when your lease is complete. It doesn’t matter if you need the trailer for just a few days, multiple months or even a year or longer. We’ll work with your schedule to set the rental agreement based on however long you need the trailer.

Mobile Freezer Trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA

A mobile freezer trailer will provide all the frozen and cold food storage space that you need, and the mobile design allows you to take it anywhere you want. When your special event or mobile foodservice business requires a lot additional storage for frozen ingredients, meats, beverages or ice, Mobile Kitchens USA is the company to turn to for top-of-the-line mobile freezer trailers that you can rent or buy.

To learn more about mobile freezer trailers and all mobile kitchen and restroom trailers available at Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today and let us show you the difference that our mobile units can make!

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