Mobile Restroom Trailers

Mobile Restroom Trailers

Imagine hosting a nice outdoor party or wedding. Honestly, it can be any kind of special event where you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. Now, imagine what will make them happier? Would they rather use a cramped, smelly port-a-potty, or would they prefer to have a nice, comfy and clean mobile restroom trailer—one with actual plumbing, running water and real toilets?


The answers to those questions seem pretty simple. Of course, every single one of us would prefer having a better quality mobile bathroom option!

Many Uses for Mobile Restroom Trailers

How you use a mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA is up to you. They actually have many different uses beyond just rentals for parties, wedding and special events as described above. They can be used as temporary restroom facilities during a commercial building or home renovation. They can be set up backstage at outdoor festivals, sporting events and concerts to provide a little extra VIP comfort for your performers and staff.

Fully Customized Units

Just like our mobile kitchen trailers, mobile restroom trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA can be configured and customized to meet your specific needs. You let us know how many sinks and toilets (urinals and private stalls) you require. Most mobile restroom trailers will have separate men’s and women’s facilities, to provide extra privacy and class. In addition, they can be set up with showers and changing rooms, making them ideal for wedding parties to get ready.

Mobile restroom trailers are roomy and the construction is very sturdy. They are typically set up with metal stairs for easy access, as well as handicap-accessible ramps to accommodate every single one of your guests.

And, did we mention the sinks, showers and toilets have full plumbing, electricity and running water? It’s not just a big disgusting hole full of chemicals and you know what. Plus, mobile restroom trailers are much more affordable than you might think. If you want to impress your guests and have the best possible mobile restroom facilities, it’s at least worth looking into the mobile restroom options that Mobile Kitchens USA has to offer.

Mobile Restroom Trailer Rentals and Purchases

Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile restroom trailers for rent or for purchase. If you need a mobile restroom unit that you can bring from place to place, then customizing and buying one of our mobile trailers makes perfect sense. Most will be used as rentals, though. You can rent one or more of our mobile restroom trailers for as long as you need it. It might be for a day or two during a special event. Or, it could be for months during a renovation project.

We’ll deliver the mobile restroom trailer to you and take it away when the lease period is complete. Though you’ll want to keep it clean for your guests while in use, we’ll handle the final clean up and waste disposal afterward. Our goal is to keep it as easy as possible for you. You have enough to worry about when planning a special event or coordinating a major renovation project.

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