Mobile Shower Trailers

Mobile Shower Trailers

Many people are at least somewhat familiar with mobile restroom trailers, which are among our most popular custom products at Mobile Kitchens USA. Odds are, you’ve used a nice mobile restroom trailer of ours, whether you realized it or not. They are so much more pleasant than nasty port-a-potties, you can easily forget you are in a temporary mobile trailer!

Mobile Shower Units

One feature of mobile restroom trailers that often gets overlooked is the option to install showers. Yes, you can get a customized mobile restroom trailer for purchase or rent that includes a fully-plumbed shower with ample hot water and smooth drainage. Some customers even want trailers that only include private shower stalls for special events.

Why You Need a Mobile Shower Trailer

Mobile shower trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are great for large weddings where the bridal party needs a place to get ready. They can have private shower stalls, changing areas, hand sinks, soap and shampoo dispensers, full electricity and whatever other personal amenities you desire. Mobile showers are also ideal for sporting events and concert festivals, where the athletes or performers will have a clean, comfortable place to take showers and get ready. We even have campground owners and parks departments that will buy a modular mobile shower unit to have on site for campers and visitors.

Whether you have a mobile shower trailer or a shower stall as part of a bigger mobile restroom unit, the option to have a warm shower is one that will be greatly appreciated by anyone that uses it. It can be connected to a water heater of the desired size to provide clean, warm water to any guest who uses it.

Clean and Comfortable

The biggest appeal of mobile shower and restroom trailers is comfort. There is plenty of space to do what you need to do. You have actual plumbing and hot water. You get to enjoy a facility that is clean and comfortable. What’s not to love?

When you rent or purchase a mobile shower unit from Mobile Kitchens USA, you can customize it as you see fit. This includes selecting a size of trailer that meets your needs and then determining the features you need inside and outside the mobile unit. All of our restroom and shower trailers will have a sturdy staircase and a handicapped-accessible ramp to accommodate all your guests.

Mobile Shower Trailers for Rent or Purchase

The other consideration is if you want to buy or rent your mobile shower trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA. Either way, it will be customized to meet your specifications. Buying a unit makes sense if you need to travel from place to place and use it repeatedly or if you plan to set it in one place for use as a semi-permanent facility. Renting is the best option for one-time special events or if you need a temporary restroom or shower during a construction renovation. Leases are available for any period of time you need, from one day up to as long as you want. Mobile Kitchens USA will deliver the trailer to your site and come remove it when the lease is up. We make it super easy for you.

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