Nationwide Mobile Kitchens

Nationwide Mobile Kitchens

Mobile kitchen trailers and other temporary kitchen solutions are ideal for so many different situations. They can be rented for special events. They can be set up on-site while you complete renovations of your commercial kitchen facility. They can be purchased for full-time use to enhance your mobile food service business. Nationwide mobile kitchens are available for rent or purchase wherever you are located in the continental United States.

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we meant it when we put the “USA” in our name. We are a nationwide mobile kitchen distributor, known for quality custom mobile kitchen trailers and exceptional customer service. Our team can design, fabricate and deliver a mobile kitchen directly to you, from California to Maine, Washington to Florida, and anywhere in between.

Nationwide Mobile Kitchen Trailers

What is a mobile kitchen trailer? It is the ultimate mobile commercial kitchen solution. You can get a fully functional mobile kitchen trailer in a variety of sizes and figurations. Then, you can customize the interior and exterior to meet your mobile food service requirements. You can buy a new or used trailer that suits your needs. Or, you can rent a mobile kitchen trailer for a desired period of time—whether it’s just for a few days or for several months.

In addition to mobile kitchen trailers, we also offer the following temporary kitchen and mobile service units:

  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  • Skid Kitchens
  • Modular Kitchen Designs
  • Tent Kitchens
  • Tented Dining Rooms
  • Mobile Restroom Trailers
  • Mobile Dishwashing Trailers
  • Mobile Refrigeration Trailers
  • Mobile Freezer Trailers
  • Mobile Laundry Trailers
  • Mobile Shower Trailers

Custom Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Mobile Kitchens USA can customize any trailer or modular unit based on your specific requests. The necessary commercial appliances can be installed inside, including ranges, ovens, mixers, deep fryers, griddles, grills and so much more. Additional kitchen features can be included, such as work tables, sinks, dishwashers, shelves, cabinets, walk-in refrigerators/freezers and safety equipment. 

Mobile kitchen trailers can be equipped to run on different power supplies, from generators and external electrical lines to propane and natural gas lines. You can even customize the exterior of the unit with service windows, branded wraps, retractable awnings and anything else you would like.

Nationwide Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rentals

Mobile Kitchens USA offers nationwide mobile kitchen rentals. You can customize and lease one of our mobile kitchen trailers or mobile service facilities for as long as you need. Mobile kitchens are great for special events. Our trailers are regularly rented for outdoor weddings and parties, corporate events, concerts, festivals, street fairs, food truck gatherings and sporting events. Whether you run a catering business, want to take your restaurant on the road or just need concessions for your event, we have you covered with the ideal custom mobile kitchen. 

Mobile kitchen trailers and mobile relief units are also rented for disaster relief and emergency service efforts. You can store important food items and cook fresh meals for displaced families, volunteers and first responders. Mobile trailers can be brought to the community to provide clean laundry, shower and restroom facilities. They can also be utilized for temporary shelters, offices and medical care.

Lastly, another common mobile kitchen rental situation is when a commercial kitchen is being renovated. Schools, hospitals, senior care facilities, military bases, corporate campuses, restaurants and others regularly turn to Mobile Kitchens USA to design and build a temporary kitchen. They can rent it while the primary kitchen is being renovated without having any disruption to regular food service. 

Mobile kitchen rentals are available nationwide throughout the continental U.S. Our team will deliver the trailer to your location and help with set-up and training. Then, we can come pick it up when your lease is complete.

Nationwide Mobile Kitchen Trailers for Sale

If you are looking to buy a new custom mobile kitchen trailer or temporary kitchen unit, contact Mobile Kitchens USA. Our team can guide you in designing and fabricating the best possible mobile kitchen to meet your specific requirements. Customize it exactly to your needs and make sure every important detail is included. Our mobile kitchen trailers are built to last and can help you expand your catering, mobile food service or traveling concessions business. 

Mobile Kitchens USA also offers used mobile kitchen trailers and specialized units for sale. This can be a good solution if you have a more limited budget, and they can still be customized based on your specifications.

Mobile Kitchens USA—Your National Mobile Kitchen Solution

To learn more about mobile kitchen trailers and other mobile service units from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today. Let us know what you are looking for and our service team will guide you in the right direction.