Rent a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Rent a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

If you are providing food services for a special event or need a temporary kitchen for any reason, you can rent a custom mobile kitchen trailer. This is an excellent solution. You will have a fully stocked kitchen wherever you need it and for however long you want to rent it.

Mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are ideal for:
• Outdoor Weddings
• Corporate Events
• Concerts & Festivals
• Street Fairs
• Food Trucks
• Catering Services
• Sporting Events
• Kitchen Renovations
• Disaster Relief & Emergency Services

Customize Your Mobile Kitchen Trailer

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we offer many mobile kitchen trailer options to suit your food service needs. We have trailers in different sizes and configurations. We also have skid kitchen units, tent kitchens and modular kitchens depending on the scale of your operation and how long you want to rent.

You can select the size and style of mobile kitchen trailer you want. Then, it can be customized with specific appliances, work tables, sinks, storage space, refrigeration space and any other features you require. We can equip each unit with commercial-grade ovens, ranges, deep fryers, grills, mixers, dishwashers and a variety of other specialty appliances.

Mobile kitchen trailers can also include other special features upon request. You may want heating or air conditioning for your kitchen staff. Perhaps you wish to have service windows and ramps, external water storage tanks, non-slip flooring, safety equipment and more. Just let us know what you need and we’ll put together your perfect mobile kitchen rental unit!

Mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA meet all standard construction and safety requirements, as well as any state and local health codes that are specified by the renter. They are delivered clean and sanitized, and they are easy to keep clean.

How Long Can I Rent a Mobile Kitchen Trailer?

With Mobile Kitchens USA, you can rent your mobile kitchen trailer for exactly as long as you need it. We offer flexible lease plans and insurance options. We have you covered with a mobile kitchen trailer rental, whether it’s only used for a few days or you want to have it for several months. Some rentals may even last a year or two for catering services, traveling event crews or property renovations.

We can deliver your mobile kitchen trailer rental to your location, anywhere in the United States. Our staff will help you set it up and understand how everything works. Then, when your rental period is complete, we can come pick it up. It’s that simple!

Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rentals for Special Events

The most common use for mobile kitchen trailer rentals is for special events like weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, conferences, sporting events, concerts, street fairs and festivals. These events happen for a specific period of time and require foodservice for concessions and guest meal preparation.

A mobile kitchen trailer rental is an excellent solution for your special event. We can design a custom mobile kitchen that allows you to prepare and serve your dishes. A full mobile kitchen gives you more flexibility and allows you to provide a higher quality experience for your guests. You can cook real, fresh meals on real appliances. There are no tents that can blow over or chafing dishes that cook poorly and dry out the food.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rentals for Kitchen Renovations

Another time people rent mobile kitchen trailers is when they are in the midst of a major kitchen renovation. It could be your home, corporate office, medical facility, senior care community, school campus or military base. You need to continue preparing large quantities of food for staff, residents, students and guests while your primary kitchen is being renovated.

A mobile kitchen trailer rental allows you to provide uninterrupted foodservice with all the commercial kitchen features you would normally have. You can take your time renovating your kitchen without worrying about a disruption of normal meal services. Mobile kitchen trailers can be rented for months or years until your kitchen renovation is complete.

Rent a Mobile Kitchen Trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA

Mobile Kitchens USA is the premier provider of custom mobile kitchen trailer rentals in America. We offer qualified mobile kitchen solutions and excellent lease plans. To learn more about our mobile kitchen trailers for rent and to get started with your design customization, contact us today.