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Unfortunately, natural disasters happen. Every corner of our great country is susceptible to different types of weather phenomena and acts of God. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, blizzards and other disasters can strike with little-to-no warning, leaving many people without homes or basic human necessities like food, water and shelter. 
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Renting a mobile kitchen trailer is a fantastic solution when you need a temporary commercial kitchen for special events, disaster relief, property renovations or mobile food service. You can rent a customized mobile kitchen trailer directly from Mobile Kitchens USA. We’ll be glad to work with you to find the ideal mobile kitchen unit for...
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Whether you plan to rent a mobile kitchen for a few days or for several months, there are certain factors you need to consider. Ultimately, you want to have the ideal temporary kitchen space that won’t break your budget. Here are some mobile kitchen trailer rental tips from Mobile Kitchens USA:
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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we produce a lot more than just mobile kitchen trailers. We fabricate and customize trailers, skid units, container units and tents for a variety of different mobile services. From commercial kitchens to clean and sanitary restrooms, we’ve got everything you need. And if you don’t see what you want listed below,...
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The Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois is in the process of remodeling their kitchen. As a medical center, the kitchen is responsible for preparing and serving meals to medical patients, staff and guests. TouchPoint/Compass Group manages the facility and contacted Mobile Kitchens USA to arrange a mobile kitchen trailer rental.
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Concession foodservice providers know that sporting events are big business. It’s nice to see these events happening again and it will be nice when things truly get back to “normal” with full crowds in attendance. Even with limited spectators, there are still great opportunities to have concession stands and provide food on-site at tournaments for...
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The world is opening back up. Weddings, concerts sporting events, church gatherings and outdoor parties are happening more and bigger crowds are able to attend as vaccine distribution expands. Though we’re still a long way from life as normal again, we are making big steps forward each and every day. 
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Spring has officially sprung and warmer weather is just around the corner. Some places like California are already experiencing picture-perfect conditions. Meanwhile, more and more COVID-19 restrictions are being loosened in almost every state, county and city. Even if indoor dining is allowed, seating capacity could be limited. Plus, many diners simply prefer to eat...
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Mobile Kitchens USA offers customized mobile kitchen trailers and other mobile units for rent or purchase. Some mobile foodservice businesses, catering companies, special events coordinators and other businesses opt to purchase a mobile kitchen trailer because they are going to need it for long-term use. Sometimes a temporary rental just doesn’t make sense if the...
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Mobile kitchen trailers, tent kitchens and other temporary kitchen and service units have long been utilized for different disaster relief situations. Throughout the years, Mobile Kitchens USA has been a dependable provider of mobile kitchen solutions (as well as mobile restroom trailers, mobile refrigeration units and more) for hospitals, nonprofit aid organizations and emergency responders.