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“The Times They Are a-Changin’.” Bob Dylan’s iconic lyrics still reverberate over 55 years after they were written because this sentiment will always be true. Some things are always changing year after year, while certain things will always stay the same. However, 2020 truly is a year like no other. COVID-19 has affected every single...
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Quality is what drives us at Mobile Kitchens USA. Not only are we focused on building quality custom kitchen trailers and temporary kitchen units. We are committed to providing the best possible customer service each and every day. This means more than ever to us right now as all businesses are being forced to operate...
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Mobile kitchen trailers and other mobile service trailers (restrooms, dishwashers, food prep units, refrigeration, etc.) from Mobile Kitchens USA offer many advantages. We’re going to get right to the point and show you six of the benefits you can expect when buying or renting a custom mobile kitchen trailer from us.
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COVID-19 may forever look at the way we view public restrooms. People aren’t going to feel safe unless the facility is kept clean and as sanitary as possible. We can tell you we are in no hurry to use a standard port-a-potty unless it’s a moment of desperation. That’s how most people feel about smelly...
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Coronavirus has really slowed things down for so many businesses, offices and learning institutions. Classes are not in session and more people are working from home. Many places are opting to use this downtime to complete some much-needed renovations on their facilities.
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COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of every single American in different ways. Running a business during these unusual times has presented many unique challenges for the team at Mobile Kitchens USA. We have been able to stay open as an “essential business” because our trailers are being used for front line services, temporary shelters and...
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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we work with clients throughout the country. Some opt to buy a mobile kitchen trailer or pre-fabricated kitchen unit for long-term use. However, most of our business comes from temporary kitchen leases and mobile kitchen rentals.
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A Mobile Kitchens USA, we are building and customizing mobile service trailers for our clients every single day. We have mobile kitchens, mobile restrooms, mobile refrigerators and freezers, mobile dishwashers and more. Each one is custom-designed to meet the specs as laid out by our clients.
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Though they are convenient and they serve a vital purpose, there are few things less civilized than a big plastic port-a-potty that stinks to high heaven. Some special events call for a mobile restroom solution that’s a lot more sophisticated. Weddings, catered outdoor parties, backstage facilities for outdoor concerts and festivals, charity events—these are just...
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A commercial kitchen is so much different than a kitchen at home. So many more factors need to be taken into consideration when a kitchen is being laid out for a restaurant, bar, mobile foodservice business or bakery. You need all the right equipment in a layout that makes sense. You need ample storage space...