Mobile Kitchens for Sale

Mobile Kitchens for Sale

When you need to buy a mobile kitchen for permanent use, turn to Mobile Kitchens USA. We have new and used mobile kitchen trailers and modular kitchen units available for purchase. You can get the exact size, configuration and customization that you require for your food service business.

Who Would Buy a Mobile Kitchen?

Mobile kitchen trailers are very popular with mobile restaurants and catering businesses because they can be transported easily from one place to another. They give you more room and flexibility than a typical food truck. They are easy to set up and they give your kitchen staff an excellent space in which to work. The outsides can be personalized with your business brand, essentially making your mobile kitchen a moving billboard to promote your food service business.

Other mobile kitchen buyers may want something that is more semi-permanent. Building a full kitchen for a facility like a school, hospital or business complex is costly and time consuming. The better option may be to buy a mobile kitchen unit that can be delivered to your site, is immediately ready to use and is customized with all the equipment and space that your kitchen staff requires. Whether it’s a mobile kitchen trailer in case you need to move it around or a container or skid unit to be kept in one place for a long time, each mobile kitchen from Mobile Kitchens USA is configured how you want it.

Mobile kitchen purchases are ideal for:

  • Mobile Food Service
  • Catering Businesses
  • Construction Companies
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Traveling Shows/Carnivals
  • Anywhere a Pre-Fabricated Kitchen is Needed

How Can I Customize My Mobile Kitchen?

When you buy a mobile kitchen unit, you have total control of how it is set up. These are modular spaces that can be customized in many different ways. First, you want to select the right size of the unit and its configuration (trailer, skid, container, etc.). They can run from fairly small to very large. Usually, the size will be determined by your food service needs and the quantities you are serving on a daily basis. You usually want to err on the side of larger to make sure you have ample space to store, prepare and serve the food. 

Once you have chosen a size and type of unit, then you will want to make it your own. The Mobile Kitchens USA team is very skilled at laying out mobile kitchens for the most efficient use of space while containing all the features that the client requests. Work tables, sinks, appliances, refrigerator/freezers, storage space and other factors are all determined and then arranged to best suit your kitchen staff’s needs. A power source for the unit and equipment will also need to be determined (electricity, natural gas or propane). You can also have us install heating or air conditioning for worker comfort. Each mobile kitchen unit is compliant with standard health and safety codes, as well.

Where Can I Get a Mobile Kitchen?

Mobile Kitchens USA has mobile kitchen trailers and modular kitchen units available for purchase. Whether you want to buy a new one that is customized from scratch or a used one that can also be reconfigured to meet your needs, our team will help you design the ideal mobile kitchen for your business. Contact us today to learn more or to see the mobile kitchen units we have to choose from.