What is a Modular Temporary Kitchen?

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There are many different types of mobile and temporary kitchens. We have mobile kitchen trailers, tented kitchen facilities, skid kitchens and more. Modular kitchens are designed for longer-term use and don’t offer the same mobility as other temporary kitchen solutions. However, they can offer much more size, space and customization options. 

A Great Temporary Kitchen Solution

Mobile Kitchens USA manufacturers custom modular kitchens available for rent or purchase. They can be a single unit or multiple units connected together and assembled on site for the perfect commercial kitchen arrangement. The key word is “modular” as these units are designed to work in conjunction with one another. You can have separate work and storage spaces for each aspect of your kitchen, such as a main cooking area, a food prep station, dishwashing unit, walk-in refrigerator/freezer, office, dry storage and any other special features you require.

For special events and short-term rentals, a mobile kitchen trailer, skid kitchen or tented kitchen will usually be great. Modular kitchens are ideal for longer-term rentals, semi-permanent kitchen facilities, and in some cases, permanent kitchen facilities when main structures don’t have enough square footage for everything you need.

Designed to Suit Your Foodservice Needs

Modular temporary kitchens are commonly used in situations where users have large-scale foodservice needs. We’re talking about school campuses, military bases, hospitals, prisons, assisted living facilities, senior communities, corporate cafeterias and other places that may need bigger kitchen facilities. 

A custom modular kitchen can be designed and installed specifically for your location and based on your requirements. It can be utilized during a primary kitchen renovation when you still need to continue with regular, uninterrupted foodservice. It may be a temporary kitchen solution while a new structure is being built. Then, we mentioned there are plenty of instances where a modular kitchen is actually used as a permanent structure. It’s a much more affordable and convenient solution compared to building a whole new structure or using valuable space in your existing structures. 

The Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

Think of a modular temporary kitchen like a set of Lego. The design can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. It might only be one or two units containing everything you need. Or, you may be a large multi-unit layout to cover all your needs. One great thing is that they can also be added to over time. If you find your original unit(s) isn’t providing quite enough space or functionality as your foodservice needs expand, you can add an additional module (or modules) designed to connect with your existing unit.

Mobile Kitchens USA offers custom modular temporary and permanent kitchen design and fabrication. We have flexible and affordable rental plans, and fair pricing for purchases of new or used units. Contact us today to learn more about our modular temporary kitchens and other mobile kitchen solutions.

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