Mobile Refrigeration Trailers vs. Mobile Freezer Trailers

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Mobile cold storage units are used to transport and store a wide variety of items. They can safely provide temperature-controlled environments for everything from ice and beverages to vaccines and medicines. Mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer trailers can be rented or purchased, depending on your mobile cold storage needs. And yes, there are multiple types of units available for customization.

What is a Mobile Refrigeration Trailer?

The most common type of cold storage unit is a mobile refrigeration trailer. Sometimes, you don’t need a full mobile kitchen trailer. You just need a mobile solution for storing cold items like ingredients, desserts, beverages, etc. It can be great to have a mobile refrigeration trailer available for special events like parties, sporting events, concerts and street fairs. They are very popular with catering service providers.

Mobile refrigeration trailers can also be rented or purchased for long-term use. They can provide additional storage space on school campuses, military bases, hospitals, shelters, senior care facilities and corporate buildings. They are easy to transport and set up anywhere while providing easy access to any items stored inside. 

What is a Mobile Freezer Trailer?

Yes, there are also specific trailers dedicated to frozen storage. Some food items, ice and medical supplies must be kept at a freezing temperature. That’s why Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile freezer trailers for rent or purchase. These are climate-controlled units that can be dialed into the exact temperature with which you need to store your frozen materials. 

Can I Get a Combo Refrigerator/Freezer Trailer?

Indeed, you can. All mobile refrigeration and freezer trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are completely customizable. You can include separate shelves, drawers and even walk-in rooms within the larger units, with multiple temperature ranges and precise thermostat controls. Just ask about our combo mobile refrigerator/freezer trailer options and we’ll find the right custom solution to meet your specific requirements.

Can I Get Cold Storage Inside My Mobile Kitchen Trailer?

Most custom mobile kitchen trailers we design for our customers have some cold storage areas, including walk-in refrigerators and freezers. This is the ideal solution if you need a mobile/temporary kitchen unit and that kitchen must include space to store and access your meal ingredients. However, there are some cases when you don’t need a full kitchen and simply a mobile refrigeration or mobile freezer trailer will suffice. 

There may also be other circumstances when you have very large food service needs. Then, it may make sense to rent or purchase a mobile refrigeration/freezer trailer as a complement to your primary mobile kitchen. We also manufacture specialty mobile dishwasher trailers and mobile food prep units for these kinds of food service situations. 

Basically, Mobile Kitchens USA has you covered with temporary and mobile solutions to meet all your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about mobile refrigeration trailers and mobile freezer trailers, along with any other units you might require for your business or special event.

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