How Much Does a Mobile Kitchen Trailer Cost?

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A mobile kitchen trailer is the perfect solution when you have mobile or temporary foodservice needs. A custom kitchen trailer can be purchased for a mobile restaurant or catering business. A custom temporary kitchen trailer can be rented for special events or extended use. The key word here is “custom,” which is very important to the title question of this article.

We can’t speak for other mobile kitchen trailer manufacturers and their prices. What we can tell you is that at Mobile Kitchens USA, every unit we sell or rent is customized to the needs of our clients. They let us know what they want. We design, fabricate and equip the custom temporary kitchen unit to their specifications. If you don’t know exactly what you want or need, our team can help provide you with ideas and solutions based on your feedback. We do offer standardized designs and pre-fabricated shells that are usually a great starting point for further customizations. 

Because of this customized approach, every mobile kitchen trailer rental or purchase is different. We can get you the perfect mobile kitchen for your needs, and the price will be based on a number of different factors:

Mobile Kitchen Type

There are different types of mobile kitchen units we offer, including mobile kitchen trailers, skid units, tent kitchens and modular kitchens. The first step will be determining what type of mobile kitchen or temporary solution works best for you.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer Size

Next, you will need to determine the size. Again, Mobile Kitchens USA can provide a variety of sizes and configurations depending on the unit type. Larger units will cost more to build and transport, and there are smaller budget designs if you are looking to save some money.

Appliances & Custom Features

A key part of designing the ideal custom mobile kitchen trailer is equipping it with the necessary appliances and any other specific features you want to include. If you are purchasing a mobile kitchen trailer, then the cost of any equipment we are installing will also factor into the overall price of the unit. With rentals, you are renting the kitchen equipment in addition to the trailer. Additional customizations and special features may affect the rental rate.

New vs. Used

If you are buying a mobile kitchen trailer, you can start with a new or used unit. We may have used trailers available that you can still customize all you want while saving some budget on the unit itself. New mobile kitchen trailers can be designed and fabricated from the ground up, but will cost more than used. 

Rental Period

If you are renting a mobile kitchen trailer, then the length of your lease period will factor into the overall cost. The longer you are renting the unit, the more it will cost. Short-term rentals may come with a higher periodic rate. A five-day rental will cost you more per day compared to a month-long rental, but the overall price will be much less. Your location and any delivery/pick-up costs may also impact the rental rate.

If you are looking to buy or rent a custom mobile kitchen trailer, contact Mobile Kitchens USA. Let our team help you create the perfect kitchen unit at a price that fits your budget.

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