Trinity Services Group Rents Two Trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA

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Trinity Services Group is a national leader in correctional food service. They focus solely on the corrections industry, providing quality food service for jails, prisons and other correctional facilities throughout the United States and its territories. In fact, they are the largest food service contractor dedicated to the corrections industry.

When it was time to remodel one of the correctional facilities they work with, they contacted Mobile Kitchens USA so they could continue running their food service operations.

Kitchen Renovation Project
Muscogee County Jail, located in Columbus, Georgia, is one of the jails that Trinity Services Group provides food services for. Recently, this correctional facility was granted approval by the county to complete a much-overdue kitchen renovation project. However, they still needed to provide regular food services to the inmates, guards, and staff while the work was being done.

Trinity Services Group decided to reach out to Mobile Kitchens USA and rent two mobile kitchen trailers to have on the jail’s grounds during the 2-month renovation period. Each trailer was customized to meet the specifications of the client.

What They Rented
First, they needed an 8’ x 46’7” Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer (Unit #CTC-505) for the primary food preparation and service. It contained all propane-based equipment and a standard hood fire and exhaust system for safety. The kitchen was equipped with a 40-gallon tilt skillet and a 60-gallon kettle for cooking large quantities of food. The trailer also featured work tables, a 3-compartment sink, and a hand sink. Lastly, a 50-gallon hot water heater was installed.

In addition to the main kitchen trailer, Trinity Services Group also rented an 8’ x 43’ Mobile Split Refrigerator/Freezer Semi Trailer (Unit #JTS-9). It contained a 7’6” x 20’2” walk-in refrigerator and a 7’6” x 18’11” walk-in freezer, both equipped with metro shelves. The jail needs to keep a lot of food stored at any given time, so it made sense to have this extra specialty refrigeration trailer on site to complement the kitchen trailer itself.

Making It Happen
Thanks to these trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA, the kitchen staff at Muscogee County Jail was able to continue providing regular food service for the facility with minimal interruption. Once the rental period was complete, the team from Mobile Kitchens USA came to disconnect and tow away the trailers. The jail was quickly able to get back to food service as usual in their newly renovated kitchen.

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we’re all about providing customized solutions for your mobile kitchen, refrigeration, dishwashing or restroom needs. Contact us today to learn about how we can customize a trailer just for you!

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