Renting Mobile Kitchens for Schools and Universities: 5 Things to Know

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Is it time to upgrade or renovate the kitchen facilities on your campus? You may have the construction plans already worked out. However, it can be tough to get started when you’re working on how to continue with regular food services for students, faculty and staff while the renovation is being completed. Your solution is Mobile Kitchens USA.

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we often carry a large variety of modular mobile kitchen trailers or skid kitchens, which can be customized exactly to the size and specifications you require. It can include all the workspace, storage space and appliances your kitchen staff will need to continue food service as usual without skipping a beat. It can be delivered to your site, set up and then removed once the lease is complete. Now is the perfect time to get started.

If you are renting a mobile kitchen for your school or university, here are a few key items to keep in mind:

  1. Different Sizes and Configurations
    Mobile kitchens come in many different sizes and configurations, from massive trailers to skid kitchens to container units. You select the size and style you need for your space, then our team will provide options that work according to your specifications.
  2. Fully Customized
    Mobile kitchen trailers from suppliers like Mobile Kitchens USA are completely customizable. They can be set up with whatever your staff needs to store, prepare, cook and serve meals as they normally would in the regular kitchen facility. Trailers can even include heaters and A/C units to keep the workers comfortable. A unit can also be set up to run on gas, propane or electricity, though the client is responsible for supplying power and hookups.
  3. Different Types of Units
    Depending on the scope of your needs, you may require more than one mobile unit. There are mobile kitchen trailers, mobile refrigerator/freezer trailers, mobile dishwashing trailers, mobile restrooms, and more available at Mobile Kitchens USA.
  4. Rent as Long as You Need
    Whether you need the unit(s) for a couple weeks, several months or more than a year, you can arrange to rent the mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA for as long as you need it.
  5. Upfront Costs and Contracts
    Before you commit to renting a mobile kitchen trailer, all the terms will be settled upfront along with any and all costs associated with the lease. If your renovation runs long, Mobile Kitchens USA will work with you to extend the rental period and let you know exactly how much more it will cost you to keep the unit(s) longer than originally expected.

Whether you’re renting for a school or any other type of commercial kitchen renovation, Mobile Kitchens USA has the mobile trailers you need. To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and the types of mobile kitchens and other modular service trailer units available for rent or purchase, contact us today!

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