Seacrest Village in Encinitas Rents Multiple Kitchen Units from Mobile Kitchens USA

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Seacrest Village is a national chain of retirement communities offering independent living and assisted living solutions for seniors. Seacrest Village at Encinitas in San Diego County has many residents that depend on regular food service. That’s why when the facility decided it was time to renovate their kitchen, Seacrest Village turned to Mobile Kitchens USA to rent a mobile kitchen trailer.

What They Rented
With such a large retirement community to serve, Seacrest Village needed multiple large modular kitchens on site. All of the units were set up with the requisite decks, ramps, and stairs for easy entry. One of the 12’x60’ cook line modular units was customized for dairy prep. The kitchen included a double-convection oven, stock pot burner with pot filler, and double-basket deep fryer. The kitchen also included a 6-burner range with an oven underneath, 48” flat grill on top of a refrigerated chef base, double-door steamer and three 6’ work tables situated in front of a 30’ hood for dairy with wall shelves.

For their meat cooking and storage needs, another modular 12’x60’ trailer was equipped with a kettle, tilt skillet, 24” charbroiler, 6-burner range with an oven underneath and a salamander on top. The trailer also included a double-basket deep fryer, 30” flat grill, combi-oven, double-convection oven, and 6’ work table in front of a 20’ hood for meat with wall shelf. Additional features included three 4-rack roll-in refrigerators, two hand sinks, and front-mount A/C unit.

A special bakery kitchen was also rented. It included a 6-burner stove with an oven underneath, double-convection oven, large floor mixer with a bowl, double-door reach-in refrigerator, and double-door reach-in freezer. The kitchen also included a 3-compartment sink with wall shelves, 3-compartment pot sink with shelves and special pot rack, several large work tables, space for employee lockers and front-mount A/C unit.

For additional storage, Seacrest Village at Encinitas also rented two 8’x20’ walk-in refrigerator units with metro shelving, an 8’x20’ walk-in freezer unit with metro shelving and an 8’x20’ walk-in dry storage trailer with metro shelving.

For dishwashing, a dishwashing modular unit was also provided. It featured a single low-temperature dish machine, clean and dirty table with a pre-rinse sprayer. It also included a scrap basket and backsplash mount, 1,000-pound ice machine, 2 hand sinks, 4 metro shelves, and front-mount A/C unit.

The Mobile Kitchens USA Difference
Thanks to Mobile Kitchens USA, Seacrest Village at Encinitas has been able to continue providing normal food service to residents and staff during the major kitchen renovation at their facility.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and our wide selection of customizable trailers and modular units available for rent or purchase, contact us today.

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