Mobile Kitchen Trailer vs. Food Truck vs. Food Cart Which is Right for Your Mobile Foodservice Business?

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If you are starting a mobile foodservice business, one of the first considerations you have to make is the physical vessel you will use. We all know about the food truck craze, and smaller food carts are also quite common in urban areas. However, are those really the best options for your particular mobile kitchen needs? You may also want to consider a mobile kitchen trailer.

The right choice may depend on a number of different factors. Let’s take a look at the mobile kitchen trailer vs. food truck vs. food cart debate, as it relates to some of the most important decisions you need to make as a business owner.

What Size Do You Need?

Size is a very important consideration for a mobile foodservice business. You need to make sure you have enough space to cook your specific menu items. You will also have to think about storage space (dry and cold), as well as food prep areas and appliance sizes/types. A mobile kitchen trailer will generally offer the most space, though they are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Food trucks will offer less design flexibility and set spaces depending on the manufacturer. You often have to adapt to the pre-designed kitchen rather than designing a custom kitchen around your needs. Food carts are obviously the smallest, but that may be fine if you only need something very simple.

What is Your Budget?

Of course, your overall budget is very important. A simple food cart is obviously going to be your cheapest option here. However, most mobile kitchen owners are going to want more space and more features to create a larger menu. Food trucks are generally going to be the most expensive solution because they are self-contained. You are not just buying a trailer, but an actual vehicle with an engine, transmission and other complex mechanical components. Vehicle maintenance may be another budget issue to think about. A mobile kitchen trailer will usually be less expensive than a food truck, even at a larger size. The ongoing maintenance may also be easier and cheaper, as well.

How Mobile Do You Want to Be?

Mobile food trailers and food carts will require some sort of towing to get from one service location to another. You can connect to an existing business truck or van. Or, you may need to arrange for delivery. A food truck will allow you to drive from place to place with your kitchen in the back. Your mobility needs can definitely have an impact on which mobile foodservice facility will be best for business. Trailers are often great for long-term parking and multi-day events, whereas a food truck or food cart allows you to quickly hop around to different locations.

What is Your Menu?

Your desired menu of food offerings may also factor into your decision between mobile kitchen trailer vs. food truck vs. food cart. A custom mobile food trailer will give you the most menu flexibility. You can set up a whole commercial kitchen inside with all the appliances, work stations and storage spaces you require. You can have a full menu and multiple courses available. Food truck owners will generally want to simplify their menus based on the size, space and capabilities of their kitchens. Lastly, food cart owners will typically want to keep their food offerings very simple. 

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