7 Ways to Customize a Mobile Restroom Trailer

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Just like our custom mobile kitchen trailers, you can also get a custom mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA. We offer clean and sanitary restroom units available for rent or purchase. Each model can be customized to meet your specific restroom requirements. Here are 7 of the ways we can customize your mobile restroom trailer:


1. Size


Of course, it all starts with the size of your mobile restroom trailer. We fabricate and customize different size restroom units based on the budget and specifications as requested by our clients. Choose a size and model for your mobile bathroom trailer to fit your location and accommodate all your guests. From smaller unisex options to large public restrooms with all the space and features you could ever want.


2. Toilets


The most appealing thing about a mobile restroom trailer is that is offers a much cleaner and private space where your guests can do their business. Basic port-a-potties can get nasty and are very hard to keep clean. A mobile restroom trailer is easier to keep clean and sanitary. Toilets and private stalls can be installed, with running water to flush away the unpleasant stuff. Urinals can also be installed if you require that option.


3. Sinks


After your business is done, you want to wash your hands thoroughly. Sinks with hot and cold running water will be installed for everyone to stay clean and healthy. Whether you prefer standard handles or hands-free faucets, we’ve got your sink options covered.


4. Product Dispensers


Mobile Kitchens USA can also include the requisite product dispensers to go along with your sinks and toilets. We’re talking long-lasting toilet paper rolls and multi-roll holders, soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, towel dispensers, hand air dryers, feminine product dispensers, and anything else you would like to include.


5. Baby Changing Stations


It’s always nice to have a baby changing station in a public restroom. They aren’t a necessity in every portable restroom trailer, but we will gladly install one upon request.


6. Showers


There are some situations where you need a shower (or more than one shower) available within your mobile restroom trailer. We can easily install a shower with running hot water for you, your guests or your employees. Many homeowners will rent a mobile bathroom trailer while renovating their own bathrooms at home. They can still have all the same amenities in a temporary trailer that can be easily parked and set up on their property. We even have full mobile shower trailers for special events and various purposes, in case you need multiple showers for guests, staff or VIPs.


7. Changing Rooms


Mobile restroom trailer rentals are very popular for outdoor weddings and corporate events, especially when hosted at places where public bathrooms are unavailable (or not ideal for everyone to use). You can have private changing rooms and stalls as part of your customized mobile restroom unit. We’ve been known to install lockers and furniture, as well, based on special requests from our clients.


8. Accessibility


Most mobile restroom trailers come standard with handicap-accessible ramps and stairs for everyone to have convenient access to the bathrooms.

To learn more about mobile restroom trailer rentals from Mobile Kitchens USA and your customization options, please contact us today.

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