How to Build Your Mobile Kitchen Menu

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A mobile kitchen allows your foodservice business to take your food on the road. You can go directly where the customers are, whether it’s food truck locations, special events or catered affairs. You can expand your brick-and-mortar restaurant with mobile units or custom catering services. There are so many possibilities with a mobile kitchen trailer.

One very important aspect of building the ideal mobile kitchen is to determine the menu. In some cases, the menu may affect what size, type and design of mobile kitchen unit you need to cook the meals you are planning. Let’s talk about some ideas to consider when building your mobile kitchen menu.

Breadth of Mobile Kitchen Menu

How many different types of dishes do you want to be able to make in your mobile kitchen? This is a good question to start with before any custom design steps occur and you are locked into a commercial kitchen that doesn’t match your menu. In general, it’s a good idea to simplify your menu with a mobile kitchen. You don’t want to offer everything from your restaurant because space could be limited with a mobile unit. 

Types of Mobile Kitchens

How diverse your ideal mobile menu is may also determine what type of mobile kitchen unit you require. If you are only serving one or two simple items, you can get a basic food cart that is very easy to transport around and set up at different locations. Think of those street hot dog vendors in New York and how convenient their carts are. At the same time, a food cart may not create the right image for your mobile food business. This is why food trucks are so popular. They look more impressive and can be driven just about anywhere you want to go. You can also have a little broader menu, though it is still usually best to keep your offerings less complicated.

Lastly, the most impressive and versatile mobile commercial kitchen is the mobile kitchen trailer. This is our specialty at Mobile Kitchens USA. A mobile kitchen trailer is a larger trailer unit that can be towed from location to location. It is simple to set up and can give you a more complete commercial kitchen on wheels. A mobile kitchen trailer gives you more space for a larger staff, bigger commercial appliances, more features and an expanded menu. It also has more exterior surface area for branding and eye-catching design elements that really show what your mobile foodservice business is all about. 

Custom Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Mobile kitchen trailers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit anyone’s needs. Whether you are a catering business, a mobile restaurant, an event concessions provider, a disaster relief organization, or using it for some other purpose, you can do so much with a custom mobile kitchen trailer.

Think about your menu when designing your mobile kitchen trailer. This will help determine the overall size and kitchen configuration. You can select which appliances and features you want to install. You can set up the kitchen exactly the way you want to store ingredients, cook delicious meals, serve your customers and clean up at the end of the day. 

To learn more about custom mobile kitchen trailers for rent or purchase from Mobile Kitchen USA, please contact us today.

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